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2005 Mustang GT wreck nightmare

Old 05-26-2013, 11:35 PM
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Unhappy 2005 Mustang GT wreck nightmare

Hey guys this is my first post but I browse the forums all the time and you guys seem very knowledgeable and have even helped me through a few issues with my own car.

I recently had a wreck in my 2005 mustang gt, the guy was talking on a cell phone and rammed the driver side of my car with his extended cab truck and I ended up hitting the curb. The guy had insurance, state farm, unfortunately, I wasn't thinking at the time and decided to go with the preferred collision center that the insurance company recommended (big, big, big mistake on my part).

So to start, after the wreck, my car started to have issues with the clutch, the engage point got higher and higher and eventually the clutch master cylinder went out bleeding brake fluid all over the pedal and floorboard. I needed to get the repairs done (I asked for a tow but did not get one) and I wasn't sure if it was a result of the wreck or not, so I replaced the master cylinder myself and proceeded with the collision center repairs. I listed this as a part of the damages from the wreck and in the end was told everything was fine mechanically with the car by the repair shop.

One month later the car started having more issues with the clutch and this past Friday I took it to a local transmission shop. After inspecting the slave cylinder the guy recommended that I replace the slave unit and because of the damages from the brake fluid, the clutch disc ended up having to be replaced as well, 1200 bucks on my part...
The transmission guy could not say for sure if it was caused by the wreck but he did say its a possibility when I hit the curb and dropped the clutch it could of cause the master cylinder and slave cylinder to leak... He was also puzzled that I was not made aware of the damages in the beginning and the clutch disc could of been saved if they had investigated sooner.

To add to it, the paint job does not match, the original paint is screaming yellow, it looks off in every direction, my driver side door locks no longer work... I was quoted a week turn around time and it ended up taking 3 weeks. I was almost charged 300 bucks for the rental car, I immediately called state farm and was told that all rental fees are covered for any full-size vehicle I wanted and that I didn't have to pay a dime other than a 50.00 deposit. I had to pretty much beg for a walk through of the repairs done to my car and when I was handed the keys, I went to turn the car over and the battery was completely dead!

I'm a very nice guy, I over looked a lot of this because I understand people make mistakes and stuff happens, not only that but its my fault for listening to state farms recommendations. I will say State Farm has definitely taken my part on this whole ordeal and even asked if I would like to file a complaint against the collision center. I spoke with state farm and the collision center manager via a 3-way call last week. She was really disappointed in his attitude and statements he made, "in this case its our word vs yours". I couldn't even get an apology for the door locks or dead battery, nor did he acknowledge that he was the one who sent the guy out to recharge my battery! At this point, I'm royally ****** off because of his attitude and state farm recommends that I take it back to the same collision center to have it looked at...

I'm not sure if I should just eat it, not go back, and have it done myself or try to fight them. Either way, for such a low amount of body/mechanical damage, its been a nightmare... I'm new to this side of the insurance game, I typically just get a check and do the work myself, but because of the type of car, I thought I would be smart and let the "professionals" handle it. Now I feel like a complete idiot.

My apologies for the long winded post, more or less me venting and hope I'm posting in the right forum, but I'm so frustrated! This was my first sports car and although its just a car, its a part of me, it has 60k on it and up until this wreck, it had no problems, no mods, other than a broken a/c vent and standard maintenance.

I don't want to be an ******** and Ive been told by several people that they really took advantage of me and I'm having a hard time not being one but honestly I just want my car back to normal... Do you guys have any advice or been in situation like this?
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You are the customer, if it ain't right, then it ain't right. If the work is unacceptable by the shop that your insurance recommended, then you can demand your insurance lets you take it to the place of your choice.
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Get on their case and use yahoo/google to write your review. Complain to the local BBB, as they WILL be investigated and your complaint will be permanently on BBB's website.

My wife's car was turned in for serious hail repair and I found out the shop set it aside for two weeks while my insurance only covered a month for rental. Walked in to the shop with USAA on speakerphone and ripped the manager a new @ss. They ended paying me back for two weeks rental charges and I still dragged their name throug the mud online!
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Old 05-27-2013, 11:25 AM
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I understand the paint questions, but I am at a loss on the clutch. I hope you didn't sign off on your ride, or you may just end up paying for the repairs yourself to have them corrected.

The clutch slippage, I doubt will be covered by insurance for the accident. Clutches are a normal wear item, so I highly doubt that this could be covered under the accident policy. Unless your clutch master cylinder was broken off (during the accident), I don't see how it would be covered. I've re-read your comments twice, and don't see it.
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The best thing to do after an accident an before agreeing to any repairs is usually to have 3 different repair shops give you estimates and submit those to the insurance company, then pick the one you want. Hind sight is always easy to say.
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Lawyer up
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I'm sure insurance laws differ state to state, but in my state (CA), you would be stuck having to take it back to the shop that screwed it up, they have the right to make it good before they are on the line to pay another shop to fix their screw-up. State Farm does tend to follow up and take care of you on the quality side of things if it's obviously screwed up and particularly if it was one of their "preferred" shops. Whatever you do, stay in touch with the state farm person team you've been dealing with and make sure they see you concerns.
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Have you taken it to different body shops to have them evaluate the poor job the other shop did? If you can get another shop to side with you that it was shabby work you might have a case but it will likely be more trouble trying to sue the body shop than it's worth and at this point you can't go after the insurance because you've already settled with them. My advice, get a new car.

Another piece of advice, in the future remember that insurance companies aren't you friend, they are there to make money and will f**k you over every opportunity they get.
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Hey Man,

I went through this 2 years ago, i'll give you my long story/what has (is still)happening.

Bought a 2002 Saleen Mustang from Cali in 2009, shipped it here, whole point was to have a fun summer car and drive my SVT Focus DD.

3 Weeks later a drunk guy hit me at 60 and totaled the Focus, Saleen became the daily driver over winter (I live in Pennsylvania: it snows).

January 2010 I was coming home from a class & it was snowing, guy in front of me lost control and slammed into a car, I saw it, locked the brakes, spun and hit him head on.
Progressive Insurance was going to total my Saleen, BUT my insurance adjuster is a Cobra/Roush owner, and wouldn't total it. The car then was worth 12,000 according to them, and had 10,000 in damage, and needed an entire new clip welded on from the firewall forward. They told me to take it to a Kia dealership that was warrantied for life through them, and any repairs would be taken care of.

Everything was "fixed" (5 months later), car looked great. However, after driving it rode like SHHHHH***TTTTT, bumpy as hell, and loud. I took it back, told them to drive it and try to tell me it wasn't crap, they did and said they would fix it. However, the Kia dealership closed doors a couple days later, so Progressive sent me to another warrantied shop.

The shop was trying to figure out why it rode so bad/why it was out of alignment:
Ended up being the frame was bent, the entire car was had been repaired/welded on a bent frame.

WARRANTIED = Fixed till it's perfect. I demanded it be repaired correctly. The new shop tore the car down to the metal, cut it, straightened the car, replaced EVERYTHING firewall forward minus the drivetrain (undamaged except the radiator, which I opted to replace with a Mishimoto one from AM) with all authentic Saleen parts. Total bill?

7,000$$$$. Total cost to fix was 17,000$$$.

The new shop did a VERY good job, car rides perfect now after being aligned on a laser straightening whatever machine to OEM Specs, however, the paint on the front of the bumper is spidering slightly (3 years later), and the side skirt is very slightly detached.
So what are they doing in June? Pulling the front bumper and side skirts, repainting, and rehanging, at about 1,500$ total cost.

My bad for going on so long, just making the point.
The work is warrantied, they are contractually obligated to fix it to LIKE NEW.....
so my advice spoken by Ari Gold...

"I would raise a scene of Biblical Proportion. I would lie, scream, beg, borrow, and steal, and if that somehow doesn't part Amy Miller's legs, then I would call racism."

<- you'll understand.

My 2 cents mannnnnnn.
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