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redrader26 06-27-2013 02:45 PM

Rubber piece missing from side of roof
I noticed this morning that the rubber strip that runs along the side of my roof is missing. I'm guessing somehow it came off when I was driving? Only other thing I can think of is somebody stole it for some odd reason. Anyone had this same thing happen? I haven't even had her for a year yet so wouldn't expect things to start falling off. Wonder if this will be covered under my warranty?

Here is a pic:

vixr 06-27-2013 03:11 PM

can you tell how it was attached? I can see a fastener, I always assumed it was 3M tape...

Andy13186 06-27-2013 03:19 PM

I would think and hope the dealer would fix it for free.

AzPete 06-27-2013 03:25 PM

Slow down and let the parts catch up to you.

Saw one coming off of an older model....never a new one though.

redrader26 06-27-2013 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by vixr (Post 8238967)
can you tell how it was attached? I can see a fastener, I always assumed it was 3M tape...

There are some pins sticking out that could be fasterners but I also see reminance of 3M tape.

MustangFirstCar 06-27-2013 06:57 PM

It is held on by fasteners and tape. You can buy a new one from Tousley and do it yourself or go to a dealership.

danzcool 06-27-2013 08:04 PM

The rain rail strip snaps into place, the plastic pieces that the rain rail snaps into are riveted into place (originally), body shops often epoxy new ones into place since the rivet doesn't really hold more than once.

Boss_Hotrod 06-28-2013 09:16 AM

If you haven't had it a year and are still under 12k miles the dealer should replace it no questions asked. Honda Fits have a recall on them for them flying off going down the interstate. We are instructed to glue them down or replace them with an undated one if they are gone. They just slide onto those two rivets sticking up.

Matt's 95 Stang 06-29-2013 09:46 AM

I would hope they would replace it under warranty, there is no reason not to. I have not seen one of those go missing on a new one, guess bad seal from factory.

Take it back and see what the dealership has to say and let us know.


DRAGUL 06-29-2013 10:00 AM

They just pull off, there was no tape used. I removed the ones on my 05 after I bought it to clean them up. I also wanted to clean out the dirt that accumulates underneath as you can see in the OP's pic.

If you get a new one it takes less than a minute to install.

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