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Default Mustang dealers?


I come from Corvette world...

Although I was driven home from the hospital in a 1965 Mustang with a 289 and three speed stick transmission and my first car was a 1967 Cougar and my first NEW car was a 1988 LX 5.0 and my next was a 1993 Mustang Cobra, I fell in love with and finally became able to afford the C5 Corvette in 2000. Since then I have driven Z06's and now a 2010 ZR-1.

I also fell in love with a beautiful woman and over the years we had a couple of children who are now starting in Elementary school... I either need a third vehicle, or I need to trade to a vehicle that has a small, but functional, back seat.

I have not made up my mind how to handle the situation for sure yet, but I am considering the option of getting a GT-500 with very modest bolt-ons to satisfy my automotive needs (yes, needs!) and I am trying to come up to speed on the world of Mustangs...

In Corvette world, there is a very robust forum called Corvetteforum and it has incredible, active, enthusiastic members as well as a very competitive contingent of dealers who deal aggressively for the members business and a thriving buy/sell section as well.

I haven't found that yet in Mustang world and wonder if this might be that forum, and if not - could someone point me in that direction?

Specifically, I'd like to see if there are dealers who aggressively compete for business on high-end Mustangs.

When I purchased the ZR-1, I was able to have several dealers with the car I wanted all trying to get me to buy from them. It was a buyer's nirvana for an expensive car like that - I haven't found that on the GT-500 yet and it looks like the dealers are getting - or at least asking for - sticker.

ANY tips or pointers on how to get started on finding dealers or deals on the GT-500 would be greatly appreciated.

ON A TANGENT, what should I be concerned about from 2013-2014 on the cars? Are there differences, and are they significant?

One thing that I have really loved about my experiences with Corvettes is that - for the most part - they are no-hassle cars. Even the ZR-1 has been a straightforward ownership experience with no real issues (sometimes the back hatch button doesn't work consistently) to speak of - which is pretty amazing considering it is a 638hp, lightweight race car that I drive daily like a family car (except without the back seat).

Are the GT-500's pretty bullet-proof and easy-to-own? I drive my cars aggressively, but I don't track and I don't do anything STUPID. I just enjoy getting the most out of the time I do spend on the twisty mountain roads here in the Carolinas and don't baby the car or drive it only on sunny weekends like some owners. But I want to be able to count on it and I don't want it to be flogged on by a dealer's service department regularly (ever).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This would be that forum.

The 2013-2014 Mustangs are built very well. Stock shiftier on at least my 5.0 was not that good. Good MGW shiftier takes care of all the draw backs GT-500 may use a different one though after all it would be a Shelby.

As far as aftermarket parts the sky is the limit and how deep your pockets are with a Mustang. Hell if you get a Shelby you can send it into them and have it turned into a Super Snake just depends on how much you want to spend.
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Hello from Colorado. This is a great forum. And you happen to be in the Carolinas, so you are blessed with one of the most active forum groups here. Be sure to check out the Carolina Chapter's threads. I'm a GM guy myself, and this site has helped me immensely. As far as Shelby's go, I would get on ebay and sights like it, see what dealers have several listed. You probably won't buy from the site, but you will know which direction to head.
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I have never found a Mustang forum that has dealers competing for your business. There is usually a few dealers/salespeople that post on various sites and offer to set you up with a deal. Just like anything else, compare prices. The GT500 is limited production numbers and many dealers have a huge dealer markup so do your homework. Ordering one built is also a pain depending on the quotas the dealer gets. I have seen dealers lie in hopes they can pull another quota only to not be able to do a customer that looses too. There are some great places and people to buy cars from so just watch your dealing.
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What I did when I bought my 5.0 was use Fords online service and punched in the car I was looking for. Then I sent it to every dealership in about 50 miles of me and played them back and forth till I got a good price.
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