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jneary 07-17-2013 10:39 PM

How Many Audio Control Units
I have a 2013 mustang with the standard four speaker audio system with sync, but no nav or sirius. I want to upgrade the speakers and add amps and a sub but have a question...

How many different head units are there? The wiring diagram shows the various interconnects but doesn't list the different head unit models and they all seem to have the same connectors for the speaker outputs. I measured the frequency response of the current system and its LF response is pathetic! If this unit has the capability to provide LF outputs separately, I would wire into them and use that to drive the LF sub but I cant tell if it has those outputs built in or not since the wiring diagram doesn't show different units but does have different sections for standard, Shaker and Shaker pro systems with the only difference that I can tell between shaker and shaker pro being that the shaker pro has an extra amp and sub.

Any help would be appreciated....


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