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Who bought theirs new and still own it?

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Smile Trade-in? Never

[QUOTE=427Roush;8273436]I bought a 2007 Roush 427R in February 2008 with "Clearance Sale" pricing and rebates.
It has 12,000 miles on it due to weekend HPDE track days and club cruises.

My mods are as follows:
Brake cooling ducts, stainless steel lines.
CAI and tune
LCA, front chassis brace, watts link, coil-over kit.
Dedicated track wheels/tires.
Cooper RS3 daily driving tires

Last month I had an opportunity to trade in on a 2012 5.0 GT. Roush has no KBB identity so the ideal way to establish value these cars is to depreciate the base model price, then depreciate the Roush upgrade sticker, (which really sucks as most dealers don't know or want to practice this method).
So, before I make the deal, I take it to the track one last time and hammer the hell out of it. I mean just throw it around the corners driving at 9/10s. Many cars were breaking down with mechanical failures due to the heat. The temp was over 100' on track day. Ferrari, Porsche, Acura, a GTR, but not my baby. She took a lickin' and kept on tickin' Feel in love with the car all over again and cancelled my trade-in deal the next day. Man I love this car and am into her for keeps. Just thought I'd share.

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Bought my 05 GT in April of 05 brand spankin new. In the next few years I did all the common bolt on mods ..intake/tune/exhaust/springs/wheels etc. Then in spring of 09 I had a saleen supercharger installed by brenspeed at right around 32k miles. The car now has 53k miles and is going strong with no major issues running on the stock clutch too which still grips like new. Only real problem I have is the parking brake doesn't work anymore and will need to be replaced. This car has been fantastic and reliable since new which is amazing for a vehicle that is so heavily modified beyond what it was initially designed to handle power wise. Build Ford tough!! I am thinking of trading it in when the new stang comes out next year depending on how much I like it but I still really love this car and may just keep it forever.
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I purchased my '07 GT/CS new, sort of by accident, in October 2007. Don't know the build date, but the dealer was using it as a test drive car so it had 1500 miles on the odometer. I LIKE the car, but I don't love it so, I've considered trading it for something different several times, but haven't found the right car/deal I could live with. Since it's been paid off, I have no intention on setting myself up with another car payment anytime soon. I'll spend some money making it perform better until it's time to purchase my dream car. It currently sits at 31,500 miles and gets stored from December 1st to March first.
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Bought mine new in July 2007, it now has 17,200 on it. The only mods are 18" tires and chrome AFS Bullett wheels, Koni STR-T shocks and struts, MAC CAI and Brenspeed 93 octane tune, GTA mufflers, Roush Stage 3 seat covers, some sound dampening in the backseat area, and some painted parts (valve covers, headlights, and plenum cover). I plan on keeping it.
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Originally Posted by jt14894 View Post
Me, I still have my 2005 GT Redfire Metallic Premium. Build completion date was June 2005 and I took delivery on July 10, 2005 two days before my birthday.
As the years passed, I've done a few upgrades:

Added GT300 side stripes
Replaced stock rims for Silver Bullitt wheels
Replaced stock muffers for Ford Racing Axle-back GTAs
Replaced stock intake for a K&N CAI
Added Diablo Sport Predator tuner

8 years later, it just rolled into 69,000+ miles on the odo and it's still running strong like the first day I got it. I run nothing, but non-ethanol gasoline and it averages around 24 MPG combined city/hwy. It still had the OEM tires which I just replaced (8/24/2013). Hard to believe they lasted that long.

I've taken it on several road trips, did some runs at the 1/4 track once, and it even won 2 car show awards.
I never get tired driving my Stang and have enjoyed it since the first day I got it. It always reminds me of my Grandpa's 1965 fastback 2+2 and I look forward to more great drives and memories.
08 with 56K here no issues and on my 3rd set of tires You still had the OEM's on there after nearly 70K???? Dayum...

I don't think I've ever had a set on any car (econobox, truck, etc) last me that long....

I don't beat on my car but I do get on it often. Don't do burnouts except for the first set of tires to see what the car is capable of and I've never tracked the car.
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I bought my '08 new..... and it just turned 10K miles! So, I'm due for a new one!
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I bought my 2014 GT Premium in May. And I still own it!
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Bought mine on my birthday in 2006, paid it off on my Birthday in 2012.

This car is a pleasure to own! It's at ~ 27k miles and I've had to replace the batterey twice and fix the door panel inserts. Otherwise the car looks and runs as good or better than the day I brought it home.

I had been saving to install a Roush supercharger but when the time came, I got the itch to buy a truck and wound up using the money for a downpayment on a 2013 F150 FX2. The Mustang may not be supercharged but it sure feels like it after driving the truck all week! The supercharger will come someday!

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I bought my 07 brand new in October 2006. I've daily driven it every day since. 142,000 on the clock and going strong. No parts failures to date. No plans to stop driving it anytime soon.
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2012 GT Premium bought in July 2011. Brembo Brake Package, Manual Transmission, 3.73 Axle, Comfort Package. 22,000 miles. I had to add 2 quarts of oil before the first oil change. I guess that was due to break-in. The engine continues to use oil. The level will steadily drop to the add mark by the time it's due for an oil change. The local Ford dealership overfilled the engine with oil at the last oil change. I did not check until a few days after. I took it back and the dealership drained the oil down to the right level. The service advisor said he was real sorry about that. That made me feel so much better. Since then, about 4000 miles, I added half a quart of oil to keep the level above the add mark. I do not see any oil leaks, so I'm presuming the engine is burning oil. As long as she runs fine, I can live with adding .5 to 1 quart between oil changes. I talked to another Ford dealership and was told that Ford says it's perfectly acceptable to add up to 2 quarts between oil changes!!
One more problem. At about 12,000 miles I noticed oil spots on my garage floor where the Mustang is parked. I took it to the local dealer (yes, the same one that overfilled the engine oil) and was told it was transmission oil. They could not find a leak and decided the transmission had been overfilled at the factory. They cleaned up the oil and sent me on my way. Of course the oil continued to leak. So I took it back a second time. This time they figured it was leaking from the vent tube and had to remove the transmission to change it. I was not happy about that, but what could I do? I was assured that the oil leak was fixed. Of course it wasn't. The leak continued and I took it back for a third time. They changed the vent tube again. This is also when they overfilled the engine during the oil change. Third time's the charm? Nope. The oil leak continued. I looked up the Lemon Law and followed the instructions by sending Ford a letter demanding that they fix the problem. The law says they have 1 more chance to make the repair. I told Ford I didn't want to return to the same incompetent dealership, but I was talked into returning there because I was going to have wait longer to go to another dealer. So Ford scheduled a "field engineer" to work on the car. He told me the vent tube was installed incorrectly and was causing pressure to build and oil would blow out the vent tube. When I picked up the car, I noticed the car had been driven over 80 miles!! I was upset about that and complained. The "field engineer" said he was testing the car to make sure the leak was really fixed. They would not even give me a repair invoice until I took it back again for the "field engineer" to verify a successful repair. So far, so good. No more leak. To make up for the 80 mile joy ride, Ford sent me back to the dealership to pick up $20 gas money.
After all that, I still like the car a lot. Even though it's inconvenient, I will have service done at another Ford dealership about 30 miles away. The local dealership burned bridges and I will never return there. I almost forgot to mention that I complained to Ford after the second attempt to fix the transmission leak and they gave me a 3 year/45,000 mile service contract. I can only hope a different dealership will be more competent. I will check the oil level promptly next time.
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