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The Khajit
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Default all you people with superchargers, did you install it yourself?

At some points I do wonder if it would be better to just get a sc and keep my car for as long as I can, but what is the total cost I'm looking at there?

you people with sc, did you order the kit on then do all the work yourself? I am very unhandy, I tried to install a CAI on a previous mustang and i ended up breaking the throttlebody, so I don't trust my self with even the smallest task, let alone a sc.

from other posts i read, if i got a shop to do it, i would be paying for a whole days work + 4k for the sc + a whole day at the dyno to get it tuned?

so dang, with all that would I be looking at about $8k to get an extra 100 hp?

All you people with boost, did you do the work yourself?

also, should i wait until my car is fully paid off to get a sc? or is that not a factor?
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I bought my saleen for 5800 and brenspeed installed it for 800. I'm somewhat handy. I've done a complete overhaul of my brakes. Changed brake lines, rotors, and pads. I've done suspension work. CAI was really easy to install. But understand **** breaks sometimes. When I change my DRs to streets I always have a stripped wheel stud. So if u break something trust me your not the first. Now the reason why I didn't install supercharger is bc that's a major component and i didn't want to get somewhere and be stuck. I have no mechanically inclined friends. If you do then I suggest you do it
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To me if you have to ask that means you don't have confidence or knowledge to install it your self, so know you have to ask if you have the ***** to do so. It's not particularly difficult just very time consuming. If you've never done it before expect to start 8:00am Saturday and finish 8:00PM Sunday.
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I just installed a supercharger last week. If you are not mechanically inclined I wouldn't suggest taking this one on.
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Fox Fader
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Like you said, if you struggled with doing a cai then, well...
I did a turbo install on my Mazda 3 in 05, took me 10 hours.
Don't worry with paying the car off first. You can always have the kit taken off and sell it. That's what I did.
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I didn't install the supercharger when I had it, but mostly because I don't have a garage. You can usually find a shop that will do install for $800, a dyno tune will add about $300-$500. Usually though, you can use the mfg. canned tune.

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I'd do it, no hesitation. Then again, I built the 347 in my old Fox and went to school for auto tech. I just got my 05 last week and have been reading a lot of supercharger installs. It does look intimidating, but to me it looks like fun too.
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If you're screwing up a CAI, which, no offense is pretty ridiculous, I wouldn't even begin to think about installing a supercharger. I notice you only have 4 posts; I don't know your previous mustang experience but judging from what I'm hearing you need to be starting way smaller dude. You're wanting to jump in the deep end and you're not even getting your toes wet. You don't need an extra hundred horsepower to enjoy your car, nothing wrong with a good exhaust, tune, CAI, and a new set of gears.
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05 Mustang
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A supercharger is definitely a fantastic upgrade, but I'd think twice about doing the work yourself if you have any hestitation about your abilities. Sometimes paying a performance shop for their skills is worth it.
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I installed mine myself, not to difficult to if you have the instructions. What's even better is all of the DIY threads read up on those. Just take your time and grab few beers. Find a good tuner and you'll be fine.
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