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Old 02-14-2014, 12:38 PM   #1
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Default How many miles is to many for 'new'

I have been looking around at the '14's to see what kind of deals I can get since the 15's are coming.

I told one dealer that I wanted a 2014 DIB GT premuim with the 401a package. He didn't have one but found one in another state. He told me that he could make me a better deal on the cars on his lot due to Dealer holdback and the other one would be more $$ and i would have to put down a deposit to get it shipped here.

He then emailed me the sticker for the car (no pictures), the sticker even had the vin number, etc removed off of it.

But me being the guy I am , tracked it down, found the lot it is sitting on and compared the window stickers. Its the car.

The problem I have is that in the pictures the OD says it has 501 miles on it. I am sure it has more by now.

Isnt that a bit excessive for a new car? especially a GT? Image my shock if I had it deliverd and they drove it instead of towed it, it would have over 700 miles on it before I got to drive it the first time.

What do you guys think? New or not?

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That's a bit suspect.. Were those miles from test drives? Did they use it in their loaner fleet? Or was it a return from a remorseful/hastey purchase?
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I found this out a number of years ago. It technically does not matter how many miles are on a vehicle. They can market it as "New" until the first official title is issued. I was interested in a 98' Mustang GT years ago that was a dealer demo that had just over 5K miles on it and they wouldn't negotiate a "demo" price cause it had not been titled to the dealer and was just being driven by the sales manager on business. Needless to say they didn't make a sale and lost a customer for life due to their way of doing business. I did follow up with my states DMV and told them the deal and they verified that as long as the first owner has never been recorded than it is still "New". Its a crock I tell ya...
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Old 02-14-2014, 01:51 PM   #4
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Op, it's a Demo car most likely. You may be able to negotiate a few hundred bucks off the price but don't expect a smoking deal. As far as everything (warranty, DMV MVD whatever you call it, etc) is concerned, it's a NEW car.

If it had been previously registered, it would not be on the New lot, it would be on the used lot. I've seen all sorts of cars under 500 miles on the used lot because someone changed their mind...

Just be sure the ODO disclosure statement they present you with for signature is accurate. Sometimes they don't bother updating the cert and it still reflects like 2 or 3 miles from when they received it and not the actual mileage.
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Also make sure they extend the warranty to cover the miles that are already on the car, that is, if you decide to buy it.
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I bought my 2013 in June "new" with 435 miles on it. I asked about warranty to cover those miles on the end of the warranty. No deal. I bought it through our companies Xplan. The money I saved going through the Xplan I extended the bumper to bumper warranty to 6 years, 75,000 miles (included was free service during that time also). I was not too concerned with the miles being driven as demo. They just broke it in for me. The car was on a lot in Idaho and was trailered to Colorado.
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its a shame. Its the color and options I want but it make me feel like the new has been driven out of it.

Maybe that is a silly thought bc 500 miles is nothing in the long run but to me it means something buying new. My 05 escape had 20 on it when I bought it and my '10 GT had 12.
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If you have these doubts now, then if anything goes wrong with the car you'll be blaming your self for the purchase.
Be patient, look around more.
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^^ +1
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Really...if that is the car you want, buy it! It's new for all intensive least you don't have to "run-it-in"!!

I bought mine from and when it finally arrived at my house, it had 300 miles on can pickup that kind of mileage just in test drives!
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