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Exclamation 2007 Mustang GT misfire issues

Hi! I'm hoping someone with experience on here can help me out. I'm not a mechanic or even know a significant amount about cars, but any information I can relay to the mechanic will help me. Sorry for the long thread:

A few months ago, the car started with bogging down on power when I'd try to accelerate. From there, it started dying while driving, and I had to keep jumping the battery to get the car home.

Immediately I assumed alternator, which I had replaced. Still didn't make the car run better. I brought it to a mechanic to find out my camshaft position sensor had BROKEN inside my car, he changed it, but we couldn't find the other piece. That broken piece must have caused the car to jump timing. We re-aligned the timing, and while it is still in place, the car is still having massive amounts of issue.

The car runs rough, doesn't keep a steady idle (anywhere from 500-1100) and dies when I add gas to the car. My MPG went down from 19 to now 13. There are consistent codes for camshaft position sensors, bank 5 7 and 8 misfires, and bank 1 running lean while bank 2 is running rich.

Would this be something that is caused by timing? Or is it a possible fuel issue? We changed the fuel filter, changed all the plugs, checked the coils which are working well, checked the MAF sensor which is running fine, and a few other misc. tasks.

I'm hearing timing issue or fuel pump issue. The car has 117k, and I've had it since 54k. I run it a little hard, but I don't beat on the car, and have everything changed on time (oil, etc.)

Anyone had this happen before?
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Other then a cyl running rich which would not be a symptom of this (but you never know), did you check the fuel pump to see if you had steady fuel pressure of about 40 lbs?
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No, I haven't but I can do that later today . I guess its a little pre-mature posting this, but it took 3 different mechanics to figure out my timing had jumped, so my trust with mechanics in this area is basically slim-to-none, and I just wanted a direction in which to look before letting them charge me an arm and a leg to do the work.
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Timing on these cars doesn't just 'jump' like older cars unless either it was reprogrammed or you have a mechanical component failure like a chain that jumped a tooth or a camshaft phaser that has slipped.

A camshaft phaser can be fixed/replaced in place with just removing the valve cover for access, a timing chain issue will require the front end of the engine being torn down.

What caused the jump in timing?
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I'm not sure what caused it. I think when my camshaft position sensor broke, it's what caused the car to jump timing. I don't think it's a fuel pump, especial given the fact I had someone check today, and the drivers side injectors aren't firing at all! Now comes the route of figuring out why THAT happened. Any ideas what would cause this? Again I'm not the most mechanically inclined person so I'm just trying to reiterate what I've been told.
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