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caneboy 05-04-2014 02:37 PM

4.10 gear or 3.73???
I got some bad news a couple days ago when I took my car into the shop. My rear end needs a rebuild. Now is the time to change gears. I like everthing I have heard about the 4.10 but I drive on the highway a lot and cruise anywhere from 80 to 90mph. Is the 4.10 gear gonna be ok for that kind of driving? I wanna hear from people with 4.10 gears and how they are on the highway at those speeds. I dont care about mpg.

jz 05-04-2014 08:15 PM

I have never regretted my 4.10s. Highway, or back roads.

outceltj 05-04-2014 08:51 PM

you will be fine with 410s

07 GT E UPP 05-05-2014 04:39 AM

You will be fine and will love them..!
On highway 4:10's rev only about 2400 rpm's in 5th doing 70 mph

wcgman 05-05-2014 06:47 AM

4.10's all the way. Do it. Do it now :)

caneboy 05-05-2014 11:33 AM

Will i need to update my custom tune when I get the 4.10 gears?

2005Redfire6 05-05-2014 02:28 PM

4.10, don't fear the gear.

slickman 05-05-2014 02:48 PM

4:10's all the way, don't look back..

drewsky 05-05-2014 11:01 PM

I've commented in depth going on and on about why to go 4:10 haha. But just do it! No regrets regardless of highway and if you do 3:73 you will leave the shop wishing you went more.. That's for sure! If you have 3:55 already you won't even notice the difference. Go 4:10 and don't even question anything else. And yes you will have to change the speedo with a hand held tuner but don't need a tune.

07 GT E UPP 05-06-2014 04:19 AM


Originally Posted by caneboy (Post 8384690)
Will i need to update my custom tune when I get the 4.10 gears?

Yes, only minor adjustment with tuner ... have fun !! :icon_biggrin:

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