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Take it back to the dealer and demand it be removed. Well, be pleasant to start and express your displeasure with them putting it on your car. IMHO they will remove it at that point without a fuss. If they fuss...then it is time to get firm.
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Originally Posted by stags View Post
I loved my 09 with all my heart, and believe it or not I actually prefer much of the styling on the 05-09 cars. The front end of the 14 looksa little better, but IMO the tail of the 09's was perfect. The only thing i'd take from the 14s tail is the lights. But I liked the square rear rather than the rounded.

Where the 14 really blows the 09 out of the water is power and the interior. I loved the 09, but I always felt as if parts of the interior were cheap and tacky due to the excessive use of plastic- notably the dash. The interior of the 14 is not perfect but its much more refined and uses higher quality materials, giving the interior feel of cars costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

Given I made the transition from the V6 to the V8, but the power is unbelievable. My Dad is a mustang buff too and he has an 08 Saleen S281 SC, and that car is a veritable monster. But if I had to choose between the supercharged 4.6 and the NA 5.0, I would still go for the 5.0. My experience with the 4.0 and 4.6 was that they both felt as if they are under strain constantly. The Coyote is a big powerful engine and even at 5000 RPM the sensation- to me- me is a big, comfy engine. It doesn't strain whatsoever. I am not knocking the 4.0 or the 4.6 in any way- I owned a 4.0 and loved it. The Coyote just feels "Comfortable" if that makes any sense.
I agree with this. The dash board feels soft, not hard plastic. Their are still some hard plastic pieces in it though. The drink cup holder lid is one I plan on putting a billet chromed cover on. It just feels cheap the way it is now. I replaced the door locks with chrome ones. I just like the look better. I'm adding a dead pedal (again chromed billet) to keep the carpet from wearing out. Fuse box cover, radiator, brake, window washer caps, etc. all small stuff. I did order a custom pony emblem for the front grill which will take about 30 minutes to install and about 3 weeks to have done. Black pony with a skeleton of the pony airbrushed and clear coated. Oh yeah, and a Windshield shade. Car was built in May 2014, and I'm one of those April 1964 1/2 purists, so it's got (50 years) and a pony on it. . Then of course I added a chromed Fire Extinguisher that fits right behind my seat. I tossed the bracket and used velcro, fits perfectly.

Besides a few under the hood and interior dress up parts and the axle back gt500's are perfect and no drone to them at all. The sound is about as close as I can come to my pop's '46 Ford with 351 Cleveland and glass packs. I doubt I'll do much else. Plenty of power as is. Oh, and I might add a remote start and will add winter tires at some point. It sucks waiting for the car to warm up in 10 degree weather. I'm just a bit iffy about the place Ford recommended for the remote start purchase, and i've heard of issues if it's not done right.

Oh, and mine also came with the track app. Not sure why, perhaps it was a part of the Brembo package?

The dealer sticker I just peeled off as soon as I got it home, it had just been put on that morning so there was no real chance of it adhering and ruining the paint. Left no mark. Otherwise, Dental Floss, goo-gone, polish and wax are your friends.

See how this modding stuff works? lol.

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My car doesn't have the brembo package but I wonder if as they were running low on things at the end of the production run they started to sub parts? Or maybe the car was started as a track pack and then modified mid production? I don't know jack about this just hypothesizing.

Was able to get the emblem off with a slightly unique method. No electrical outlets meant I couldn't use a hairdryer so I poured some near boiling water over the emblem and it loosened up real quick. Some minor swirl marks from cleaning some residual adhesive off, but nothing that won't come out with some polish. Very very fine.

Still can't decide on an exhaust. Like the sound of corsa Xtremes, worried they won't be as loud as I want them to be.
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You can get 3.73's without having the Track Pack? I thought the regular gearing was 3.15 or something too low.

I'd love to pick up a GT-Premium with Track Pack (DIB, Ruby, or Oxford), but I'd settle for a GT with Track Pack just the same I think. It's over $4000 less...

I don't know if I'd want the GT without the Track Pack, but if they come with 3.73, that might change my mind.
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Originally Posted by cruisin5268d View Post
Well, you don't pull off the dealer lot until they take it off. Simple. I always make it clear to them up front that if they put a sticker on a) I'm driving off without buying it or 2) I expect compensation from them for advertising
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Congrats on the purchase!
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