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Default Ford Dealership Abuse - Video

I forgot if I saw this video on this forum or another but I thought I would share it.
Extremely disappointing, I originally thought I would take my GT to a dealership because this kind of stuff would be less likely to happen than at a local auto shop, guess not.

I plan on putting cameras in my car when I take it for service now...
I have plenty of GoPros sitting around lol
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Yea it was on allformustang first, my blood was boiling when i saw this. This and many other reasons why i dont bring my car to dealerships. Most people there are incompetent and can careless about your car.
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Omg that's just inexcusable. I had a similar issue happen to me like this, the dude who took my car for a test drive(which was bs anyway) I guess the mechanic didn't think I was at the end of the parking lot checking out cars as he was flying over the speed bumps���� I went straight back to the service area "hot" and explained how furious I was on how unprofessional this was and so on It didn't go well when he Told me "we are really sorry, but it's not a Prius like these guys normally drive" long story short, they tried to make it up to me in every single way, which still didn't work for me..
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Post the name of the dealership

Call a local news outlet

Call Ford Corporate

Call a LAWYER.

This is why I take a pic of the mileage everytime someone else drives the car. Oh. And MyKey.
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Wow. I am not surprised, good ole' stealership!
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I saw that the other day. Makes me sick.
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I saw this on jalopnik I believe. Either fix it or blow it up? What kind of a mechanic are you? I'd loose my **** if that where to happen to my car.
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Old 08-04-2014, 11:53 AM   #8
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Wow, guy brings a running car to the shop and they're going to blow it up or fix it! I wonder what they would've told the guy if they actually blew it up! What a Maroon!
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They would have told the guy his engine was blown and charged him for a new one.
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Can I get a TLDW cliffnotes on the video? It was kinda long, and I was a little confused cause a lot of the dialogue says "me:" implying that the owner was riding in the car with the mechanic. So I didn't get what was going on.

My thing with dealerships is this: There is no unifying standard of quality between them WHATSOEVER. I go to the Alpharetta Ford off Mansell and love them! They always give me deals, have great mechanics, and genuinely care about my car.

I went to the now out of business Malcolm Cunningham Ford in Atlanta, and they charged me $125 just to diagnose the problem with my car, and then tried to scam me out of $2,000, while the actual engine problem, really only required a replacement of a $100 part. I was f***ing furious and could not believe those sheisters. I'm glad they are out of business now!

So there are tremendous dealers out there, and there are some that are the absolute scum of the earth.
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