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nate512 08-09-2014 11:48 AM

2010 Mustang GT engine noise...possible exhaust leak?
I noticed this a few weeks ago, i haven't done any mods or maitenance on the car since or before it started. My right side cylinders sound "sloppy" and also my exhaust pops alot during a steady rev at about 1800-2000rpm. It makes a poping noise like its cutting out power but i don't notice the rpm gauge drop.

Also after doing this and i let go of the gas to have it return to normal idle it makes this hissing squeal noise that i have never heard before. I also smell alot of gas and exhaust fumes near the top of the engine.

So im assuming my exhaust at my headers or my headers to mid pipe is leaking badly. Would this cause the engine to run very abruptly like it is?

Mods are as follow, MSD ignition coils, C&L CAI, Bama Tuned, Mid pipe SLP X pipe and Axle back is Pypes Bomb.

Heres a video with sound. Sorry for the quality had to use my phone lol. And thank you for any help!

2cokeman 08-09-2014 08:47 PM

Sounds normal to me

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