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siggyfreud 08-25-2014 09:50 AM

Thinking about picking up a 13' Boss 302
Hey all,

Long time since my last post. As some of you may know, I sold my Saleen years back and have been driving a Volt for the past few years. Allowed me to save a bunch on gas, buy a house, etc. We've been in our house over a year now, and I have been getting that go-fast itch.

I'm rebuilding my old highschool pickup (66GMC) but it'll be at least another 4-8 months before I am done.

Local dealer has a 2013 Grabber Blue Boss 302 CPO w/extended warranty. Has the recaro/torsen option. Has 11k miles. They're asking 39.9, but I think I can rock them down a bit to 38 even, which seems fair for what bosses are still going for. New it was 42.5 or so I believe. I drove it yesterday and had a good time. Sounded awesome, but pretty sure they had the side pipes open :).

Looking to get the opinion of the crowd on this one. I'm really split. I'm very curious about the 2015 Mustang, which I love the look of. But also really enjoy the grabber blue and that 7500 RPM V8 :).

Wife just got a new job with better health insurance, so taking her off my policy will save $320 a month by itself, so that covers a big chunk of a car payment. We have a paid off 05 325i we'd sell after to recoup down payment, and she'd continue to drive the Volt until the lease expires in March next year.

Thoughts from any Boss or non-boss owners out there??

jz78817 08-25-2014 10:09 AM


Thinking about picking up a 13' Boss 302
they're kind of heavy.

If the price makes sense, and if the ext. warranty is from Ford and not a 3rd party deal, I'd probably take the plunge.

siggyfreud 08-25-2014 10:34 AM

Yeah it's the Ford CPO 7/year 100k mile powertrain. Not that I care much about the warranty, as my last Mustang voided its warranty at like 6k miles lol.

Diode Dynamics 08-25-2014 10:37 AM

I'd go for it IMO

Unless you are cross-shopping with a 2013 GT500 lol

Nick C.

siggyfreud 08-25-2014 11:23 AM

Not cross-shopping really. The GT500's around here area bout 20k more anyways :). Only other car I really considered was a Gen II CTS-V, but not sure I could tolerate 19mpg highway . . . or likely less if I wasn't in hypermile mode.

Gary Ugarek 08-25-2014 12:57 PM

This is the devil on your shoulder speaking...

Do it.

siggyfreud 08-25-2014 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by Gary Ugarek (Post 8421419)
This is the devil on your shoulder speaking...

Do it.

Lol. My wife has been a devil on my shoulder too saying to buy it. I'm just trying to be fiscally responsible here . . . but 2.5 years of driving somewhat beige cars (even though I love the Volt) is getting boring.

TheDivaDanielle 08-25-2014 01:52 PM

keep in mind it's already a two year old+ car, and that the recaros/torsen isn't an option, it's just there.

I wouldn't pay anymore than 35k for that, honestly, and even that feels high for a car that's multiple model years from being new.

siggyfreud 08-25-2014 02:48 PM

Recaros/Torsen was an option. In fact I think it was the only option offered (aside from things like the track key and car cover). Recaros and Torsen were packaged together and I believe it was a $1900 option when new. You could opt to get the car with a regular limited slip and standard seats.

I get what you're saying about it being model old, however I just haven't seen any come up under 38k around here since they came out, which makes me think that the price of entry may be higher than that. Car would have had to depreciate from ~42.5 to 35 in a year and a half.

If you know of any online for that price with low miles feel free to point me that way :).

TheDivaDanielle 08-25-2014 03:50 PM

I truthfully had never seen a Boss w/out the Recaros. My local dealership moved a lot of them. I saw at least 8 different Bosses and 4 Boss LS's at one location alone.

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