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Exclamation Need Help! Infamous interior water leak in Shelby!

Hey guys,

SO the infamous water leak happened to me last week and ive been looking for the source ever since. The entire passenger floor was soaked with about a half gallon of water and ruined the carpet padding.

So this is a notorious problem with s197's and even ford has "addressed" the problem. The car is out of warranty and Ford is absolutely ****ing useless in customer service and doing things right, especially sawgrass Ford, so going to them for help is completely out the question.

Anyway, I have the PDF from ford about the problem and here it is


At the end of the pdf there are a bunch of pictures where the possible water leak entries are located, however the hole from which my leak came from wasn't listed as a possible concern.

It is the quarter size hole in the passenger size kick panel, just below the wiring harness hole in the last page/picture. Although not highlighted, it is where the water entered. Its just below that yellow wire in the pic in the pdf.

Check list:

-cowl cover drainage pathway was NOT blocked with leaves
-the 10 cowl grommets seemed fine
-window weather strip is fine
-foam seal for door wiring is fine too.

I even took off the quarter body panel for the hell of it, nothing there.

EVERY possible entry will be replaced and sealed as recommended in the pdf. The 10 grommets, the window sealing strip and seam sealer will be applied to any visible opening.

HAS ANYONE has or heard about a leaking issue from that little quarter sized hole?? From what it looks like, nothing (IN THE PDF) connects to that hole, and i cant find find the source of the leak.

IN figure 7, that water path into the kick panel drops from above the foot well, and runs down and through the heater core and wires and stuff above the foot well. EVERYTHING above the floor was completely dry, so I'm not sure if the 10 grommet holes would lead to the quarter size hole under the wiring harness in figure 8

Any theories would be appreciated. And let me know if you or anyone else has had water come in from that hole.

To those of you that haven't dealt with this issue. Prepare now. before its too late. Replace your window seal adhesive strips

Part number: 7R3Z-63025A71-A

and replace your 10 grommets that hold the cowl windshield wiper cover in place

Part number: 9R3Z-63517C58-A
(unlike the grommets pre 9/4/08) these new grommets are applied with a heat gun so a proper seal is made. The current grommets on my car just have a foam ring around the sides which doesn't create a good seal.

i have photos, but dont kn ow how to upload them. its not a url

Thanks for reading and your responses !
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Yes the dreaded water leak sucks. Don't forget to swap out your cabin filter while in there. Also remove the little plastic pieces at the bottom of both doors. Those can clog and hold water in your doors then leak inside.
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I'm sorry to hear about your water leak. I hope with everything you're doing it doesn't happen again!
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This is one of the better videos I could find that solves this issue. I had the same problem in my 2011 and the issue has never come back. I live in FL and my car lives outside and no more water leaks. This fixes the passenger side water leak issue. I had about 5 inches of water in my cabin filter area.

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