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Default 2005 mustang gt problem

My 2005 mustang gt has a problem I cannot figure out. When I'm going a decent speed In 4th gear and I start to accelerate more my car will begin to jerk unless I really press down on the pedal more. Another is when pressing on accelerator from a sitting still position I will hear a fluttering sound from my exauhst. Also when I accelerate fast it will hesitate and seem like it keeps losing and gaining power. Any ideas?
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I'd start with spark plugs.
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I have an '05 GT also. I have all of 79k on it. On it I know people used to complain about a fuel issue. When my FP was replaced under warranty it definitely ran better. I change my fuel filter every 15k. Have you changed your filter lately? Are you still on your original FP? Besides sticking to the better fuels, Exxon, Shell, Chevron I also run fuel cleaners on occasion.

On sparkplugs, I was surprised that ours are supposed to be good for 100k miles, also that they can be a PIA to change, special tool should be around etc. Next year I'm going to be 70, when it comes time to change my plugs, I'll pay to have them done! One thing I recall from the distant - distant - distant past is thinking my car sounded cool because it "popped" - more knowledgeable people told me to change the plugs. Not so cool sounding anymore, but quieter, smoother and sure ran nice.

My vote is change your fuel filter, its either been too long, or maybe you got some bad gas. At the same time get a fuel cleaner, one of the better ones, one that says it is stronger or something similar. FWIW
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Fuel pump or accelerator pedal. Both of mine died and both displayed similar symptoms. A good OBD scanner is always a good investment. Before throwing parts at the car though I'd take it to a shop to see if it's properly tuned.
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I had a similar problem with my '06 GT. When cruising on cruise control and then stepping down it would cough and sputter before taking off. I believe there was a service bulletin out on this problem. I replaced the fuel pump, problem solved.
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