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Old 05-13-2012, 09:58 AM   #11
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Working for a multi hundred million dollar data security company has changed my views I guess on what it means to work for a company and how we look to the customers if one thing goes wrong.

Im getting outta here and going back to looking at cool Stang pics
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Old 05-13-2012, 10:24 AM   #12
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With very few exceptions, attention to detail and post-sale customer service are a thing of the past.

I place a lot of value on reports from customers who can prove something went sideways, and even more value on follow-up reports from the same customers when their problems are either rectified or ignored.

'm an immediate gratification kinda person, and when something goes sideways for ANY reason, I get jumpy. I've been dealing with a custom wheel problem for over a month involving American Muscle (free shipping means five business days) and Discount Tire.

0) Ordered wheels from AM on a Friday - takes a week to get here from PA, and they didn't ship until the following Monday.

1) Took car to Discount Tire to have wheels mounted, and discovered one was damaged during shipment.

2) AM sent replacement, but it took another week to get it (IMHO, they should have shipped it in a more timely fashion)

3) Took new wheel back to DT, and pointed at the damaged wheel and said, "Replace that one with the new wheel". They replaced the wrong wheel, so I had to go BACK and have them do it again. They damaged the replacement wheel with their air ratchet.

4) When the DT manager showed me the damage they'd done, hes said they had already ordered me a replacement wheel (this was on a Saturday).

5) I called them a week later to check on the status, and the manager (the same guy) said he hadn't ordered it yet. That was Friday (05/11). He said he didn't know how someone could have dropped the ball on it, and I reminded him that he himself told me that he'd ordered a replacement the week before, and that I had essentially caught him in a LIE. He then claims to have ordered it on his own credit card (probably to hide his screw-up from management), and as you might guess, he ordered it with AM's free shipping option, which means it won't ship until Monday, and it'll take a week to get here - again.

Yeah - I'm not real tolerant of screw-ups at this point...
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Old 05-13-2012, 06:17 PM   #13
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Just noticed that on another forum the OP replied to the question on what the company said when he called --- that he wasn't going to bother calling them and would just pick up zip ties and hope for the best.

Seems a strange response to the "I gotta complaint" rant, almost like there was some other motive to the postings.
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Old 05-14-2012, 07:40 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by Karnage541 View Post
I have no idea if they actually work or not, if they do, awesome. I just received them in the mail now, but I figured id give you all a fair warning before you buy from them. First, the way they came packaged is just horrible and unprofessional IMO. All the wires, ballasts, and bulbs are just thrown in a box and thats it. No foam to hold everything in place, no protective wrapping, nothing. Second, they lie. On the site they say that in the kit you get the following.

(2) Double-Sided Heavy Duty Sticky Mounting Pads and/or Mounting Brackets - NOPE

(1) Pack of 10 Zip-Ties - NOPE

(1) Product and Users Manual - NOPE

Take a look for yourself.

As for what everything looked like when I opened it. I have pics for ya.
Attachment 30901
Attachment 30902
Hate away if you think this is a D-Bag move on my part.

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Dante and i am the Internet sales Manager over at HIDGuy.Net. Now Lets take a look at this post and lets see if we can help you out with a couple of things. First, I would like to ask if you have contacted us about this issue that your having? I take most the phone calls here and answer emails regarding sales issues, troubleshooting issues and issues with shipping, warranties and damaged product. This is the first i have come across your issue as i do not think you have contacted us to resolve this issue.

Now we have had this issue before on another forum that we have as you can view here:

It happens right? Sure it does but that customer addressed the issue, and there was a post from me telling the customer to contact me. The customer contacted me and all the items that the customer was missing was shipped to him free of charge.

That has to be done is to contact us and trust me i am more then willing to help you out with this issue. Don't ruin the opportunity for other people to miss out on a quality product because you had a bad experience. All companies have issues thats how it is. American muscle as stated in this thread has had a couple issues but people continue to purchase from them correct? But i am giving you a solution and not turning you away as you are one of our customers and our ultimate goal is to make you happy as the customer.

You can search the internet looking for us and trust us if we had an issue with shipping there would be more then a few threads about issues like this.

More then willing to help but contact us and we can for sure handle your issue. Will be waiting for email or phone call.

Internet Sales
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Old 05-03-2015, 07:48 AM   #15
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It's interesting to look over the history of complaints on HIDGUY with Oscar and Dante. It seems at one point they may have been reputable but over the last few years not so much. Myself, I can honestly say these folks are thieves and liars. I ordered a set of custom headlights for $625 over a year ago and was told many many times from the original order they would be ready in two more weeks. I was told two weeks at least 30 different times. For over a year, they have provided a lot of reasonable excuses and I have been extremely patient.

For my willingness to work with them and be patient, now they have stopped responding to any of my inquiries even though I remain polite. I have not had a response since the end of January 2015, even though I continually try to get a hold of Dante or Oscar to see where we stand. Supposedly the last action they took on my account was to show them as shipped but when I advised I have not seen anything on this, Dante told me there was a mix up and they shipped my order to a different customer. Then he promised me again another two weeks and they would either get them back or build me a new set. That was the last time I was able to get a hold of them by phone. I've asked for a refund as well as it seems clear to me that they do not intend to build my lights. Now their phone number tells you to use their web site exclusively to contact them, which I have done 15 times on the web site, but continue to get no response. Someone is reading my inquiries though as some of my inquiries were deleted. I have also tried their emails, but they get bounced back. Don't get taken by these guys as they will steal from you and they will like to you about providing you the product you pay for.
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Even more interesting, Dante and Oscar used be at HIDGUY.NET. I guess if they start getting to many complaints, they change the name. Beware....
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