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Default So whats the deal with the governor?

Don't seem to understand why Ford puts a governor on a SPORTS car?? WHY? Do the v8's come with them too? (I drive a 2013 v6 3.7)

Also why would they package it with such a weak drive shaft? I guess an obvious answer would be if you want more power buy a v8. (But thats not in everyone's budget unfortunately...).

If you want to push your v6 past they ****ty 115 top speed, not only do you have to either 1. reflash your comp or 2. buy a tuner BUT you have to buy a better driveshaft to get the real power out of it.

Am I missing something? Is this just how it is? Just curious.
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The 115 top speed is more due to the rating of the tires, not the driveshaft. While the driveshaft has proven troublesome, the tire speed rating is the controling factor here.
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I was initially kind of miffed about it, but after I thought about it, when can I really go over 112mph? Not on a drag strip or autocross circuit. And 112 is way over any legal speed limit even in Texas. Top speed is not the only measure of "real power". And if you want to make your car faster, a number of suspension mods will do that without flashing the ECU.

And honestly if you include the price of a DS, for less than $2,000 you can have very close to a high 12 second car. Not quite GT territory but close. That sounds like a deal to me, so just change your perspective to get past it or trade the car in on something else.

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As i understand it the tires are spec built for gas economy. So if ford was trying to meet the facsist c.a.f.e standards they well choose to limit speed in order get the mpgs up. So in other words i am suggesting its probably the governments fault.
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The stock driveshaft explodes at 130mph. Their was a rather embarassing Youtube video about it (I think it was on this site somewhere). Their are a number of aftermarket shafts available for the V6 to solve this problem. The tire thing does not make a lot of sense to me. The performance package for the V6 comes with W speed rated tires (168mph).
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Tires cant handle over it and also the driveshaft might explode like other peoples
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upgrade driveshaft first so you not tempted to push it
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