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Default what to build?

i have alot of questions, and very few answers. ive searched on here alot and cant make up my mind. i have a 351 id like to build. by build i mean for the drag strip, and a nice day cruiser. i have about $1500 to $2000 to spend if im lucky. i was thinking 30 over,10-1 forged pistons, gt40p heads, air gap intake, and i have a 750 holly double pummper i the garage. my buddy has a 347 stroker going 6.80 in an eigth, but alot of money in it. more than i can afford right now.he says 302 stroker all the way. im changing motors b/c i can hear my rods pretty bad at high rpm. so should i buy a new crank kit from advanced auto, build the 351, or go with a budget stroker?
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Default RE: what to build?

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Default RE: what to build?

Heh well your in the 351 section so I would imagine most people will tell ya to go 351. Some things to consider if your going to go NA and you want to make power.Up that compression to 11:1 or a shade under 10.9:1. You can run pump gas (93 octane)with it without a problem. Stock 351 bottom end seems to handle 6200 rpms on the regular in my buddies truck. He has a set of victor jrheads (1000)and an RPM performer intake (230)with a 750holly double pumper on it (hope you already have this).If you do go 351w keep in mind your probably gonna have to spend an extra 500 beans on a nice set of headers to let the thing breath and to fit in the fox. Set of roller rockers and good pushrods are another ( ~320). If you stick with the same type of cam thats in the motor now you can cheap out and pick up a more agressive one for less then 100. All in all that should net yaabout400 horses. My buds truck seems to move down the road at a good clip for being a full sized4wd F150.

Oh yeah and remember cubes = power and the windsor has lots of room to grow. Once you build the top end, in another year or so you can drop another 2 grand and have a bullet proof forged 408 or 383bottom end.
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Default RE: what to build?

i figured that, thats why i put it on here. im leaning for the 351.thanks, i have looked at all them web sites, and learned alot. but like i said i have alot of questions and need advise from everybody who has tried this stuff in the past, for i dont have alot of cash and would like to be pointed in the right direction as to spend it wisely.like hows the stock pistons hold up? i know their 8.5:1 stock. will they hold up to nitrous?i have a 351w out of a 92 van. what if i milled the gt40ps, or 1970 351 heads i have lined up, down 40 thousandths to raise the compression, put new bearings in it, new oilpan and windage tray kit, headers, and a retrofit cam so i can convert it over to roller?.... or new crank kit in my car and nitrous? i have 50 pounsd of oil pressure at start up, at idle when 200 degrees its at 0 on a mechanical guage. give it gas it moves a little then back down to 0.
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Default RE: what to build?

i had what was basically a 30 over 351 with forged pistons, pretty big flat tappet cam, stock windsor jrs ( which i think were too small ) vr jr intake and 750 carb. in my 86 coupe with a 3500 stall covertor , c4 and 373s i ran consistent 11.90s on dragradials, ( 11.70 @ 115 ) was my best and i ran 10.70s with a 150 shot @ 124 . I've hada dozen 302s and this was my first 351. Spend the money on a 351 , you'll have a stronger block, more torque and plenty of room to grow

p.s i'm building a stroker out of a lightning block so i sold it to a friend of mine and he put it in his ranger, with a 200 shot of nitrous he's gone 10.30s @ 129
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