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why not have both: ) , just buy a 351w to 393 stroker crankshaft, keep the 351w stock rods, install your 302 pistons on the rods with new rings and have the assembly balanced.

There is your cheap reliable 351 stroker.

With the money you saved for using your football rods and stock 302 pistons, you can use to get the conversion parts you need.

If you have a 351w block that's in nice shape, I wouldn't bore it over, and just stuff those parts in, just install new bearings,rings and gaskets.

I have done this around 7 times and they last for ever, because you don't have to rev a 351 as high as the 347, and your torque comes on instantly, so no need to stay on the gas.

Can you imagine most of your torque coming on off throttle from first to second ! Do it

My uncles has 145k on it and counting. 415 HP 430lbs Torque with basic GT-40 Heads, Mild 351w Flat Tappet Camshaft, short tubes, 2.5" exhaust, 42lb Ford injectors, GT-40 intake, tune, only revs to 4,870 rpm, less noise, more GO

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That's all you need to make your fox a ten second car. These cars dont weight much, and when you start getting closer to 500+HP, its simply too much and really overkill on the streets and not safe in the rain etc
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Why not go bigger? A 347 is fun...351w is cool...but a 408w? There ya go!


Short block for $2200? Come on now...and they have different levels if you have more coin to spend. That is DAMN GOOD for a 408w shortblock!

Also, if you do decide to do a 302 based stroker, I would go with the Ford Racing 302 bare block. For $1700 you get just a block, but it's their Boss block with 4 bolt mains..will carry you pretty far for boost/giggle juice.

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