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Stang-aholic 08-03-2013 08:52 AM

Power Adders (Suggestions Needed)
Well I finally have decided that I am going F/I hopefully around Christmas time or the following spring. I have been on the edge between F/I and trading in the car on a 5.0, but I can't bring myself to let go of my car. (Ill just buy a used 5.0 in a couple of years)

Heres a small synopsis about my car: Ive taken apart the interior about 6 times for custom work from HU to gauges to wrapped dash to leather interior swap. Custom amp and door sub installed. Front and rear bumpers changed (and other misc exterior parts). And this is my DD!!! Woo! Its not always the best thing to drive in FL rain, but Ive managed for the last 4yrs. Anyway here is some mechanical info on my car as it sits today:
Stock 4.0 block, crank, heads, intake, and headers
Stock AT
Stock 2 piece driveshaft
Stock springs and dampers (I can't lower it because as my DD this town has crappy roads)
Accel coil
Thunder wires
E3 Spark Plugs
174 degree thermostat
8.8 w/ 3.73s
BMR: LCAs, panhard bar, panhard brace, sway bars (F & R)
FR500S/KR mufflers and X pipe
2-piece drilled and slotted 14" rotors
4 piston Brembo calipers

I am looking at three options as far as F/I goes:
1. Procharger Stage II
--Pros: makes a ton of power, somewhat easy install, cheapest option, sounds like a jet! lol
--Cons: turbo is more power and efficient, and idk if id like to hear it ALL the time

2. Vortech H/O water cooled
--Pros: very well put together kit, can be pushed for a lot of power
--Cons: complex because of the water cooler, most expensive option

3. PH Turbo
--Pros: holy $hit power, simple, most bang for buck out of box, very efficient system
--Cons: turbo on a DD can cause problems, have to get exhaust shop to re do Y pipe, may require custom pipes.

Nitrous is a no go, I just hate the idea. I love the Xcharger, but I dont think you get as much bang for buck :( And meth injection is on the edge for me, but Id only add it after F/I (being a DD I want as little maintenance as I can haha)

I do not take my car to the strip or road race (but Im looking into that now that my brakes are insane) I do want to keep with a LIGHTWEIGHT theme. I only weight 160, and soon I will be installing a BMR K member, Steeda radiator support, BMR LCA (Fronts), and possibly a 1 piece DS.

GOAL: 350 rwhp I can drive daily. And somwhere near 400 rwhp when I want all hell to break loose for the weekend!

So what's yalls thought? questions? Ideas?

Andrew Christian 08-08-2013 12:04 PM

I personally would go with the PH Turbocharger even though it's a bit more than a Procharger Stage II. You've got more potential with the Turbocharger than that Procharger set up. The only thing about the PH Turbo, is I don't think they sell a mail order kit. You may have to go to their actual shop for install. I may be wrong though, it something you should verify.

Nuke 08-08-2013 03:10 PM

350 RWHP? 400 RWHP? On the 4.0, even with FI the 350 will be expensive.

What are other's with SC'd 4.0's putting down?

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