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Default RE: want it loud, what should i get?

wow umm loudmouths are definately deep . . .and they definately dont sound like crap . . u need to hear that sound clip of the completely slped GT... rediculous. .. if you want loud and deep loud mouths . . . 1's or 2's, just with loudmouth 1's you wont be able to hear yourself think . . .and i like that
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Default RE: want it loud, what should i get?


This is not really true. When building a n/a 4.6L you need to be able to rev the **** outta it to make power.

However, IMO it is useless to put the bottom end kit in if all you are going to do is stage 2 cams and thats it. You might as well save your cash, forget the cams and shortblock, and go with a blower right off the bat.

EDIT: really really loud exhaust is really really cool for about 20 minutes, and it can quickly get really really annoying after that.

Good call. I wasn't thinking N/A.

I have to agree on the loud exhaust. I had a Bosal exhaust on my mazda 6 (v6) and it was quite annoying listening to the resonance inside the car.

The car was totalled and now I have Borla and while they are loud on the outside, they sound quite mellow from inside the car.
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Default RE: want it loud, what should i get?

personally i love my lm1's but not many other people do there are alot of ricers in my town and i have my lm's out the side yep that is right i have them turned out the side and just blast them in the windows of the rice rockets in town and i love it you will not be disapointed in the loud sound and the popping as you down shift it is the closest thing to having strip exhaust on the street in my opinion
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