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HRnB 10-26-2006 03:08 PM

Posting do's and don'ts - Please read before making a new thread
Please, to help insure you get the proper amount of thread views, which will increase the chances of responses that will help you with whatever imformation you are looking for - choose a thread title that is related to your question/issue.

I.E of choosing a good thread title:

"What is this part called?"
"Where can I find these wheels?"
"Which gears should I buy?"

I.E of poor thread title:

"Help me!!"
Thank you, Dan04COBRA

HRnB 10-26-2006 03:09 PM

RE: Posting do's and don'ts - Please read before making a new thread
To Mustang Forums 4.6 Regulars:

POOR INFORMATION: After several complaints about poor information being spread, information that is given on pure hearsay rather than experience or with extensive research is NOT welcome on these forums. PLEASE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION that your HEARSAY information might put an innocent member in an UGLY situation after taking your advice. The members in 4.6 here are VERY TRUSTING about the information some of you donate to this forum & section. PLEASE DO NOT PREACH YOUR HEARSAY INFORMATION unless you can provide proof, references or you can defend your statement without name calling. With that said, I hope we can contribute GOOD information from experiences, PROPER research & using common sense.

Please remember that while there are several Site Moderators & Section Moderators, it is simply NOT POSSIBLE for us to monitor every single thread & post. While we do our best to catch trouble making members posts, catch poor information in threads - we cannot catch everything. We ALL ask that you send a site moderator or a section moderator a PM. Click & choose a Moderator to PM with a LINK to the specific thread you believe should be edited, cleaned up or simply removed because of flaming or poor information.

OFF TOPIC THREADS & POSTS: Also, after several complaints about OFF TOPIC THREADS & POSTS we are being forced to crack down on such, as the vast majority of our members believe the tech sections are for TECH only. We have a section called OFF TOPIC for posts that DO NOT PERTAIN TO 4.6 TECH. You can visit Off-Topic to make such posts/threads HERE. Please use it.
Thank you, Dan04COBRA

Ltdon380715 03-13-2017 11:36 AM

OK, I just joined this forum a few minutes ago and I'll be darned but I can't find how to post a new thread with my question(s) ANYWHERE on the website. PLEASE!!! - a step by step how to begin a new thread. Thanks

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