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Blower Likes Cold Weather ?

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Default RE: Blower Likes Cold Weather ?

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More bad information... Nitrous is N2O.. which means 2 parts Nitrogen, and 1 part oxygen - does that sound like "more air" to you? You don't have to be a chemistry major to figure that out...
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one more thing.....

What do you think Nitrous actually adds to your motor.......MORE AIR!!!!!!!

kinda glorified right????

In a basic sense, that is exactly what nitrous does. Nitrous is an oxidizer, not a fuel. This is what makes the scene on "the fast and the homo" so funny, when the car explodes after they yell "NOS!!". You can take a bottle of nitrous, open the valve, and put a flame directly into the stream and it won't explode (just like oxygen).

FI, in any form (turbo/blower/nitrous) is only serving one point, to get more oxidizer down into the combustion chamber, so that you can also spray more fuel in there and keep the air/fuel ratio ideal, and thus make more power.
It is flamable my friend. It's OXYGEN! Go shoot a bottle of oxygen with a 7mm and tell me what happens. Same with N20. It exploded becuase the pressure in the bottle got to high because the car was on fire. Fire=heat=pressure=explosion. After the explosion the oxygen all rushed out of the bottle superfeeding the fire causing the explosion. So throw a bottle of N20 in the fire and tell me what happens
Oxygen is NOT flammible. Oxygen is a oxidizer. if you hold flame up to o2, it will NOT explode.

It will no doubt acclerate a fire, but it will not burn or explode by itself. Neither will N20. If you shoot an o2 bottle, the only reason it will "explode" is because it is under pressure, and it undergoes rapid depressuraisation, but it is not flammible or explosive.

The ONLY reason for nitrous (or a blower/turbo) is to allow you to spray more gasoline into the engine while keeping the a/f ratio at a level that you still make power. If you were to spray just nitrous into your engine you would not make more power (and blow the car up, but thats another story) with just the nitrous alone.

Intercoolers= Cool the air and make it more dense. The more dense it is the better is burns. Thats why cold air burns better and gives you car (theoretically) more power Same principle with Methanal injection. Its half and half mixture of h20 and Methanal. Which is derived from methyl alcohol. Alcohol is flammable. It burns up in the combustion. The water is hydrogen (which burns up in the combustion) and oxygen which well we all know what that does.
This isn't really true. The main point of a intercooler setup is to cool the intake charge to allow you to run more timing without detonation. The air is more dense, but typically just adding a intercooler will acutally LOWER your boost amount (due to restriction in the intercooler) with the same blower pulley. When I do my DIY intercooler kit I am going to have to do something like a pulley swap or a power pipe to get my 10 PSI back, but my intake temperatures will be much lower than they are now. This allows the car to NOT pull timing (VIA the IAT sensor) so I can make more power. A cooler charge, even at the same PSI, can make more power with less detonation. This is also why typically you do not see our cars making 440-450 WHP with a non intercooled setup. There is plenty of power over the 420 or so I am making now in my car (just via tune) but I am unwilling to push the car any harder with no intercooler.

Not to be a ********, but you sure do seem to have an afully high opinion of your techical expertise. I cannot say that I know anywhere close to everything about these cars, but if anyone in the thread is to be accused of spreading misinformation.....
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Default RE: Blower Likes Cold Weather ?

If you hold a flame up to O2, the flame will get bigger, since fires use oxygen to decompose. So, I suppose you could say O2 is more of an accelerant.. Think of the Apollo 1 space capsule. There was a spark from one of the main voltage junctions, that coupled w/ the O2 rich (read: too high of O2) cause an almost immediate fireball... I'm going to do some more reading on this, since I'm actually piqued by the topic..

As a slightly side note, generally, Bar-and-plate I/Cers are the most efficient and provide considerably less Pressure drop before/after the I/C, since the channels tend to be slightly larger. Also, top-to-bottom provide less Pressure Drop as well...

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Default RE: Blower Likes Cold Weather ?

It could cause an explosions becuase bullets are very very hot when they are shot. If they're hot enough its enough to ignite the fuel. Its a shot in the dark but it could happen. Most likely it will just pass out the otherside of the car though.
Yes, they are, but not enough to ignite gasoline. You need something with a much lower flash point.

The one exception is a tracer round, which are illegal for the civilian populace to possess or fire.
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Default RE: Blower Likes Cold Weather ?

Besides, a bullet actually cools enough, shortly after exiting the barrel, to the point where it wouldn't ignite anything...

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