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Fu*king SH*T

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Default RE: Fu*king SH*T



Hey man look at it this way, you aren't set to lose everything you've worked for your entire life, perhaps $500K, and have your wages attached as well! Look at it from your parents perspective, you self-centered ***. I pulled my son's license fior a similar stunt. Here in VA, I have the legal right to!


he is a self centered *** because he got one freaking speeding ticket and is pissed his parents are making him sell **** he bought himself???

WTF? And seriously, you CANNOT tell me you never got a speeding ticket when you were young (or even old). Everyone has a ticket or two (except my grandpa.
It doesn't matter if he is 18 or not. He is still a dependant, relying on his parents for housing, insurance, and such, and therefore they have a right to tell him to sell it or get out. It is not because they are ******** looking for a reason to be mean to their child, it is because they care greatly about their child and want them to learn that the behavior for which he was ticketed was not acceptable.

I would have been a little more lenient had it been 20+ over on a highway, but 20+ over within a city limit is uncalled for. You can't react to a child or anyone else for that matter fast enough (Unless you were Michael Knight in KITT) that comes out into the street. Like I previously said, and others have also said, you will understand more when you have kids; especially when they reach the age of driving.

I was no angel when I was younger, and I served my time and learned from my mistakes. I pray every day that my children don't do 1/100th of the things that I did, because I was lucky enough to survive my mistakes without hurting anyone else.....but luck only lasts so long.

That is pretty much all I have to say about that.

PS - WTF is this topic still doing in the 4.6 forum????????
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Default RE: Fu*king SH*T

ORIGINAL: reevesracing

PS - WTF is this topic still doing in the 4.6 forum????????
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Default RE: Fu*king SH*T

Reevesracing, just saw your car for the first time on here, really like it.
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Default RE: Fu*king SH*T

Everyone is right i understand sry for being a self centered *** i hope you guys dont think ima douche i was stupid and wrong ill admit that
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Default RE: Fu*king SH*T

I love this site, but we can be a bunch of haters sometimes...
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Default RE: Fu*king SH*T

ORIGINAL: sxynerd

I love this site, but we can be a bunch of haters sometimes...

There is a section for people wanting sympathy; its called off topic. This is 4.6 Tech.
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