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Default exhaust

Anybody else tired of rendundant posts?? Newbies please read into past threads first to see if your question can be answered. I posted this before, so I am just gonna paste what i said before.</P>

"Chambered = no power</P>

Free Flow = powered</P>

"They [FlowMasters] DO add just the same amount of power as any other exhaust system." is a load of CRAP<IMG border=0 src=smileys/smiley11.gif border="0">. FlowMaster's have a good name, because their street products can produce a SOUND that can make anybody drool, &amp; they seem to SOUND like the Mustang SHOULD have from the factory. They have NEVER been referred to for performance to my knowledge while being backed w/hp #'s as proof. IMHO, FM's are a lot like Honda CBR's. Everybody who wants to ride, but has NO CLUE how to even RIDE a wheelie will swear on his life that his/her little F3/F4/F4i/600RR/900RR/929RR/954RR etc...will out perform a GSX-R...which is another load of crap. Say this w/me..."Purpose built." Purpose of CBR's (in general)are to beDO IT ALLS. The Gixxer's purpose are to win races.</P>

Regarding FlowMasters...their purpose is for SOUNNNND. Chambered mufflers restrict airflow by their definition alone. </P>


\Muf"fler\, n. (Mach.) Any of various devices to deaden the noise of escaping gases or vapors, as a tube filled with obstructions, through which the exhaust gases of an internal-combustion engine, as on an automobile, are passed (called also silencer).</P>

<TABLE border=0 cellPadding=0 cellSpacing=0 style="BORDER-BOTTOM: #3f3f3f 1px dotted"><T><T><T><T>
<TD class=src>Source: <SPAN class=small><CITE>Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.</CITE></SPAN></TD></TR></T></T></T></T></T></TABLE></P>

Free Flowing mufflers do the exact opposite. I don't think I need to define what free flow means. And, what is so "unique" about Flowmaster's sound? MOST EVERYONE HAS ONE! The is not unique...that is following the unknowledgable crowd. Do you have any references of FM making more or even just as much hp as Magnaflow, Borla, Bassani, or any other free flowing exhaust? Don't post bullsh*t. If you want to help someone give them fact, or shut up. No need to lie, and further confuse someone who admittedly does not know the difference in exhaust brands.</P>

I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but I tell ya we need a F.A.Q. section on this forum."</P>

You want sound...get FM's, you want both get Magnaflow, Borla, or Steeda exhaust, because they are all straight through mufflers.<SPAN class=smText>
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Default exhaust

Originally Posted by 12PSIGTCONV
How much more HP if I lost my Flowmaster mufflers and got a custom 3 inch tube all the way to the rear with no mufflers. Also, for everyday driving is it to loud?

I have that done on my 98 and it doesn't sound too loud at all. It acutally is really nice sounding. But as far as more horsepower i wouldn't think much more the 5. but it is a better set up, i don't think it is legal though.</P>
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Default exhaust

Go with straight pipes or even glass packs and then a good set of headers. Oh ya Glass packs dont fall apart or blow the packing out of them. Ive had a set on my 97 GT for about a year now and people still tell how good and mean my car sounds, and thats w/ the stock headers, which are not really even headers by definition. Listen to the GSXRINTENSITY he knows his stuff. Research it on your own, read the websites and articles and theyll explain it too. With one exception they will tell you how great their product is. If you read into it youll learn what the overall concept is.
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