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Default Stick shifter stuck in Park on 98 Stang

I have a 98 Stang automatic 4.6 V6When I press the button on the stick shift with foot on brake, the shifter will not come out of park. I had to remove the console so that I can manually disengage the lever to get the shifter into gear. This is intermittent , but happens probably 75% of the time. I think the shift button is not allowing the stick to release so that I can get into gear. I also have this problem occasionally when I try to go from gears to park also. Could this be a solenoid and where would this solenoid be located? Any help would be appreciated
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I was about to say the selonoid as well, untill you say trouble from drive gears to park. Sounds like a mechanical interference to me. The would think the selonoid would be located right at the side of the stick. I would expect a pin to be released to allow travel of the lever. I have never worked on an auto, so cannot say for sure.

What did you do to get out of "park" the first time?


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What I do now is to press down on the metal tab below the stick shift so that I can get it out of park and into other gears. i will take a pic today to add to this thread. It seems that when I press the button on the stick shift that the metal tab does not engage far enough down to clear the detent for the park position. If it is the solenoid acting up, I do not know if the solenoid is in the stick column or located somewhere else.
I will try and take a pick of the levers below the stick today.

The only other explanation that I can think of is the plastic button is cracked or chipped inside the handle which may or may not engage the mechanical lever to depress low enough to clear the park detent. I may take apart the handle to see if all the parts are intact.
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check the fuse for the solenoid mine blew and i could not get it out of park. once i replaced that it worked fine
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I would also check the brake sensor located right above the brake lever(its a little black plug with 2 wires that completes a circuit when brake pedal is pressed),someone tied into it on my 98 f-150 before I bought it for an alarm system(for valet mode) and the wire was hanging in the connector by a thread and it wouldn't let me out of park sometimes.Worth a check!
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I think it's called a park shift solenoid or something like that. Had this issue on a 95 Cadillac seville. I finally just disabled the sucker and made it like the cars of old, where you dont have to hit the brake to take it out of park.
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Did you ever figure out what the problem was with your mustang, my 96 gt automatic is doing the same thing.
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I just had this all apart on my 2000 Gt. Pull it back into 1st gear and look at the front of the shift handle. Is there a very small hole there? If so that is a set screw that holds the handle in place. I can give you the size if need be. If the handle has moved up even a little it will not press down far enough to release that metal tab that you see at the bottom. Sometimes it's as simple as the handle over time has worked it's way up a little and has lost some ability to depress that white rod far enough. A simple LIGHT smack downward sometimes is all it takes and snug up the set screw. It's a simple deal inside the handle. If you pull the handle off the button and a spring will fall out of the handle. Look at the taper on the button that fits into the shifter. It is angled and should not be warn. You will see the plastic white piece that is inside the shift handle that it presses on. See if it is worn down. Before you pull the handle off you have to free up the wires for the OD button. Look at the base of the shifter and you will see how they exit. There should be a small plastic tie that hold them to the shaft. Cut the tie off....NOT THE WIRES...LOL. There will be a small connector leading back towards the cup holder.....seperate that junction. There may be a small piece of tape that kind of holds the wire to the wires that go to the illumination light for the shift bezel....seperate that. Now the wires are free so you can pull the shift handle off. Just go slow and it will make sense as you proceed....Good luck!
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I think your solution is the one that makes the most sense. I have looked at all the other options and I beleive after seeing your resonse that the plastic pieces in the handle/column are either worn or broken. One of these days, I will take apart the handle and either confirm your response or look for another alternative. I will let you know when I look at the problem in the future. For now, I am driving without console so I can manually take the shifter out of park.
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My 02 was doing this..I found that the plastic plug on the brake pedal had one of the 2 wires pulled out. Fixed that but still wouldnt come out of park. I had the plastic cover off the shifter..was trying to figure out how to get the shifter handle off..ran my hand under the shifter base and accidentally unclipped a little cable at about the 1 o clock position looking straight down at the shifter base. I think that may control the shifter/brake lock. It now will come out of park without pressing the brake pedal. I'm now thinking with that wire loose from the pedal switch , the fuse may have blown that powers the selenoid that works the shifter lock..not sure which fuses control that...anyone?
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