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Basic Mods for your 96-04 GT/Mach 1

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Default RE: TECH: Basic Mods for your 96-04 GT

still a great read!
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Default RE: TECH: Basic Mods for your 96-04 GT


Hi guys....Just registered forgive me for any duplicate questions.

I noticed at least one person (Blueangle) lives close to me hopefully some others will appear as well...


I have a 2003 metalic silver Premium edition convertable GT...

I have Flowmasters on it as well as BBK cold air intake but thats all. I still am not happy with my low end and am looking to do some stuff but don't know which is the next best course of action...I'm not sure if I should go with a bigger throttle body or x pipe or h pipe or headers or

I can do some simple car things but not

Money is somewhat of an object but I do ok so depending upon my desire I could spend what ever I wish.

Any thoughts would be appreciated and for the local u know of any mustang specialists that may be worth seeing?

I don't drive it much anymore so I can leave it as a project if need be while I drive my '04 Mercedes E500 (which beats my stang appreciatively)...

Well thanks in advance for the advice!

Talk soon

Your 302HP automatic4000 something pound luxosled beats your new edge "appreciatively"? If this is true sell your new edge, it's a lemon...
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Default RE: Basic Mods for your 96-04 GT/Mach 1

I don`t see much about Fuel Rails.....Not that I know much about them myself. It`s Just that i saw a Blurb about professional Products 2V Fuel Rails for the 96-04 can someone enlighten me on this? Please do not say DO A SEARCH. I Already tried that[]

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Default Mods!

ya im def new to this website and im still learning about my trying to be diff from alot of the other stangs i see (clearly its a very popular ride)... i have a black 2000 gt vert (tan top) i got 18" chrome rims..magnaflow exhaust and a cai...... i was tihnking bout putting some of the following on my ride....mishimoto Radiator...75mm acufab throttle body... some headers (not sure to go short or long) a cervinis stalker body kit...a new cai (looking for the best brand). i honestly like my car the way it is but im j looking to enhance the HP and sound! i want my baby to rumble! i mean its already sounding mean but i just want more! also was gonna put lambo doors on... is there anyone that can give me any information on the things i want...possibly an estimated cost on installations! any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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Originally Posted by jb22 View Post
also was gonna put lambo doors on.
Please dont. Just kidding its your car. Im just not a fan. Also you should read threw this old thread you dug up. There should be alot of info there. We also have some more stickys with good info.

Have you looked into gears. It wont add any horse but it will feel like you added 50. Its a good seat of the pants mod.

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i understand some ppl might not like the doors but that really doesnt matter to me....the biggest questions is all the other things! like cost! i got bread i just dont feel like blowing a bunch on my car! kinda wanna stay in the 6g range! any advice! i have full magflow exahust H-pipe for gears i was looking at 3.90
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6 grand. Hmm let me think. Supercharger and Suspension.
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im not sure if i wanna jump straight to the supercharger just yet! its def going in there...but not yet! kinda wanna build it up a lil more before i throw a kenne belle in! know what im saying!
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Originally Posted by boostedgt02 View Post
I was wondering I hava a stock setup right now but I would like to know how much HP to the wheels will I be at after the following: Flowmaster American Thunder catback, X/O no cats, plenum, 70 tb, and intake? I would like to get at least 300 hp what else will I need?
I would go get your car tuned with a performance programmer and then run it on the dyno. You will find out truly what amount of HP your car is putting to the wheels. I have a 2003 Mach1 with the following upgrades: Meizier WP,intake spacer,CL CAI,85mm MAF meter,Large KN,twin 62mm Accufab TB, percies gaskets,SLP long tubes with O/R X pipe and 40 series FM's with stock tail pipes, Pro 5.0 T56 shifter, DD perf T56(750lb rated) with 28spline input shaft, PST alum DS, fidanza 12lb fly, Zoom 2.5 kevlar clutch just to name a few along with a custom tune from JMS and it was dynoed recently at 317 RWHP/ 339 RWTQ. So as for engine mods I would invest in a good MAF meter=more air from a good filter the better, bigger Throttle body with a trimmed TB cable to get that instant Throttle response at WOT, UDP or electric WP( I wouldn't recommend having both unless you wanted to shorten your drive belt) and a good set of headers, long tubes if you want low end torque and shortys if you want top end torque with good X pipe w/out cats if you can get away with it. Also, get some gear in the rear, that is the best bang for your buck. I would suggest to save your money and totally complete the rear with new axles, diff, gear set, diff cover, seals, bearings ,etc. I will eventually go with 4.10's. Mach1's tend to react badly with UDP having oil pump failures and such. I will be installing a canton 7 qt oil pan/ windage tray with a high output ford racing oil pump in the future along with a set of extreme energy comp cams and springs. And don't forget about HP/WEIGHT ratio. I would install lightweight wheels to reduce unsprung weight. Have your car weighed with a full tank of gas and you in the driver's seat and start reducing weight from there to give you a good starting point. My car surprised me as it weighed at 3608 with a full tank with driver. We tried it out on a dyno that was set up to run the quarter and it ran 12.10 @ 110.33 MPH. I really felt that this was very inaccurate because my tires still spun on the dyno wheel on take off. If it does that on a dyno when the car is ratcheted down, it will really have problems having traction at the drag strip. That brings me to a another item(s) upper and lower control arms will really help you hook and get a good 60' time and can reduce weight if you know which ones to buy.

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