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Default battery drain help

i have a battery drain in a 2000 gt vert. I narrowed it down to the radio fuse 27. i guess that one is for the mach system? does anyone have a wiring diagram for that fuse only or know where i can get one?
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Hope that helps.
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i have that from the owners manual but i was wondering if there was anything out there that showed exactly what was on that circuit
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I had a constant drain on my battery and it turned out to be one of the amps for my Mach 460 stereo... Pulled the fuse to the amps and the car sat cold for weeks and still kept a charge. It's not my daily driver so I have not replaced the amp(s) yet...
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Check this link out. It has some schematics and quite a bit of info on our sound systems. Hope it helps.
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Hi all,

Having the same issue 120 mHa draw on this circuit controled by fuse 27 Radio.

I disconnected the radio, the 2 amps in the back and still getting a drain. Is there anything else to discinnect on that circuit. ????

Took a full day to figure this out as i was unaware the GEM stays on for an hour of last activity. GEM is fine and does go to sleep, but the radio circtut still draws 120 mHa.
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Old thread, but great that you used the search function. Fuse 2.27 (25A) feeds nothing but the radio head unit and sub-woofer amps if you have them--however...

Here is the "dark-current" procedure from the 2001 shop manual, steps 4, 5 and 6 are very important or you will not get a proper reading.

NOTE: To accurately test the drain on a battery, an in-line digital ammeter must be used. Use of a test lamp or voltmeter is not an accurate method due to the number of electronic modules.
  1. Make sure the junction box/fuse panels are accessible without turning on interior and underhood lights.

  2. Drive the vehicle at least five minutes and over 48 km/h (30 mph) to turn on and exercise vehicle systems.

  3. Allow the vehicle to sit with the key off for at least 40 minutes to allow modules to time out/power down.

  4. Connect a fused jumper wire between the negative battery cable and the negative battery post to prevent modules from resetting and to catch capacitive drains.

  5. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the post without breaking the connection of the jumper wire.

    NOTE: It is very important that continuity is not broken between the battery and the negative battery cable when connecting the meter. If this happens, the entire procedure must be repeated.

  6. Connect the tester between the negative battery cable and the post. The meter must be capable of reading milliamps and should have a 10 amp capability.

    NOTE: If the meter settings need to be switched or the test leads need to be moved to another jack, the jumper wire must be reinstalled to avoid breaking continuity.

  7. Remove the jumper wire.

    NOTE: Amperage draw will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the equipment package. Compare to a comparable vehicle for reference.

    NOTE: No production vehicle should have more than a 50 mA (0.050 amp) draw.

  8. If the draw is found to be excessive, pull fuses from the battery/central junction box one at a time and note the current drop. Do not reinstall the fuses until you are finished testing.

  9. Check the wiring schematic in the wiring diagram for any circuits that run from the battery without passing through the battery/central junction box. Disconnect these circuits if the draw is still excessive.
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