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'02 4.6SOHC Fuel Pump?? Not a typical death

4.6L (1996-2004 Modular) Mustang Technical discussions on 1996-2004 4.6 Liter Modular Motors (2V and 4V) within.

'02 4.6SOHC Fuel Pump?? Not a typical death


Old 02-07-2011, 07:52 PM
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Default '02 4.6SOHC Fuel Pump?? Not a typical death

Ok I've read every single post that is even remotely close to my issue and haven't found the perfect fit yet. So here it is; 2 weeks ago I'm leaving work in my 02 GT that I've owned for the last 4 years since my 89 GT developed trany issues. Never had any real issues besides cracked vacuum line and "BAER" front rotor warping, always starts within a second or 2 of key turn. It hesitates to start, I turn it again and it starts but runs like it's out of gas or loosing spark, I'm backing up and it dies? Never happened b4, restart and same thing, then it won't fire up at all, turns over & over & over but nuthin. Push it into the gated arear and get a ride home. Next morning b4 work I try it again and cranks fine but no start, then click click. A coworker jumps me in a ditch effort to get my car out of the work area b4 we have to push it. My alarm comes on and won't stop even with valet, I finally get it to stop, turn the key and it goes off again (this is not the stock alarm but rather a PYTHON with 2 way vibrating remotes) I stop it again and key on alarm sounds once more. Then the car fires right up, I leave work and drive it around for 1/2 hour and return. No issues till 2day drive into work, (late) back shop entrance locked so I go back to drive to the front gate turn the key and runs ragged then dies while I'm in reverse, restart, barely running get it back into spot. Try starting and won't fire again, Battery is good (optima) and have gas. Put a charger on it for a few hours and try with a jump again, starter is just crankin like never before but no start. I noticed last time that my fuel pump was not spinning up with the key on, this time also, but could this be an alarm issue cutting the gas rather than a fuel pump (100k on car) most every fuel pump goes through a cycle of dying first gets noisy then cuts out when it gets hot till it just stops? Or may be a bad bearing set that gets jammed up upon key off spin down and locks up with pieces caught in it and with extra volts it has the power to get free again till it happens to jam again on power down? Or a bad relay or gas cut-off switch. I'm getting no codes from this and with my scanner on with key on getting no fuel pressure. So I know it's a fuel problem without a doubt but the cause is my question. Changing the pump is the first thing I'll be doing 2morrow morn, but if thats not it, I'm not sure of what the alarm interface is effecting cuz it was there when I got the car. Kinda sensless 2 have 2 alarms on the car but in AZ you kinda need it! Checked my FORD TSO manual for answers but got little help other than a possible miscomunication between key and stock alarm. unlikely but maybe
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Old 02-07-2011, 08:44 PM
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When I first started reading I thought fuel pump......... Then I read some more and I started thing starter/alternator/battery cause it just clicked and didn't turn over. But then after reading more I find it kind of weird that your alarm after all these years would make it start doing that. But I'm not ruling it out it is possible that the alarm is the culprit. I would start from their and get it checked by a professional. Other then that I would check the fuel filter to see if it's clogged and the the pump. But before anything I would ask a pro about alarms and if that's a possibility
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Old 02-09-2011, 04:37 AM
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Ive had some expierience with aftermarket alarms working for mazda and its always been a not fun time messing with them. ive seen alot of poor jobs installing them causing shorts or bad connections which always makes the car freak out due to it being tapped into a number of different circuits. Or that the system itself is poorly made and just works like ****. At the end of the day my diagnosis with the three or four ive messed with has always been to remove the damn things and behold car runs good...That being said i have been wrong before maybe a fuel filter wouldnt be a bad place to start or new plugs before you spend the money and effort with a pump?>
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Old 02-09-2011, 06:15 AM
hot sauce
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i thought fuel pumps either worked or didnt work.
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Old 02-09-2011, 09:15 PM
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My car acted the same way, minus the alarm freaking out; i dont have an alarm. i took the IAC off and cleaned it out, and it fixed the problem. good luck either way
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Old 02-10-2011, 01:25 AM
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Thanks for the replies guys, I had to do something quickly. I couldn't leave my car at work and use a company truck 4ever (F250 V-10 Longbed wouldn't even fit in my garage). So I figured most likely fuel pump seeing how I had no fuel pressure at all. If the alarm was kicking in, I would have had a moment of fuel pump activity b4 shut off occurred and that would give me at least more than zero lbs. So I replaced it with an Autozone part that was only $120, worked out fine but the installation was a bit confusing due to the pumps not being exactly alike. A pig tail was supplied, "inner filter" and both rubber bushings or holder grommets were different but the instruction sheet that had to be read to figure out whats up was hard to follow and had mentioned the use of the supplied "outer filter" (but was not used). So in the end it was a jammed bearing race most likely a faulty sealed bearing but very unusual in the submerged type of use. this is typical of bearings that have prolonged water/sand or grit contact or over revved or over voltage usage. Makes me wonder about the gas that has been used or what the first owner may have done to the tank or fuel supply lines. Just happy to have it home and did notice a return of that snap it always had. The first light that some joker wanted to test me had me easing up on the pedal to keep my 17" 40"s from breaking loose and smoked um after it hit second gear. So far I've never missed second gear with this car, brobly because it's an automatic!
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