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Default Build 2v or 4v Swap. Don't know which route to take?

Here's the deal. I have a 1999 Mustang GT with 160K on the Body & Trans (Trans needs rebuilt, bad Synchros) & 80K on the 2000 4.6L thats inside.

I have 5,000K to spend and I can't decide on what to do...???

1. I've been contemplating back & worth weather to just rebuild the T-45 myself with a rebuild kit or change over & make the T-56 swap. I was also going to purchase the Tork Tech Terminator kit to put the 03/04 Eaton M112 S/C on the 2v 4.6L. (Anyone heard of this an know any numbers of HP? & TQ?)

2. Just flat out find a 03/04 Cobra 4.6L DOHC with a T-56, BUT THEY ARE SO DAMN Expensive. I can't find one for less than 8K all I have is 5K (Btw, if anyone knows or has a deal for me... Hook it up)

What do you guys think? I need thoughts & input.
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As far as getting a forged cobra engine and t-56 you will be very hard pressed to do that for 5k.. Honestly, 5k isn't a lot but it's enough to get you a nice rebuild or some fresh parts. The t56 swap will take a good chunk from that right away.. You can probably find a 4v for fairly cheap (non 03/04) as well.. Obviously if you have the knowledge you can do the work yourself which is where the majority of the money will be spent if you pay a shop..
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youre gonna have to choose one or the other and then save some more. a t56 swap is gonna be probaby 3-4 maybe more, since you have to get a new ds and some other stuff. you might also maybe want to look into a vortech or procharger because those superchargers are a lot cheaper than the tork tech kit
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T56 = $5k easy. and the torktech kit is I think $1600? And then you need a supercharger on top of that.

You can almost get a whole used vortech kit for $1600
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I just can stomach the cost of a t56, especially when theres companies that make almost bullet proof t45s and 3650s for half the cost.
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^ +1

However, if you're persistent and check the various classifieds on all of the mustang forums you can sometimes come across some pretty good deals. I searched for a few months for mine and ended up finding it on another forum and paid $1700 for it. Already has the upgraded input shaft and came with an Alum DS, Harness, clutch, and mounting bracket.
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Here's a version of the T-56 going for $2900. Hope it helps
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