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Default Transmission choice help

Hey guys,

Sorry for posting all of the time asking a lot of questions. I am trying to gather ideas for the new mustang build im doing.

Any how, my current question is if what transmission should I use? The engines torque peaks at around 738 @ 4800 but stay at or above 700 ft/lb past 3000 rpm. I am looking at a Hurst T-56 magnum. Will it hold up to the peak? I mean i know it's not that much more than the 700 it says it can handle but if torque is anything like horsepower then a little means a lot.

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Power transmission products are almost universally rated by input torque; and Tremec's specs are generally very conservative. For example the 3650 is rated for 360 lb-ft, however people routinely put 450 to 550 (even 600) lb-ft through them.

I would not be concerned about applying 740 lb-ft to a T-56.

FWIW it's the 1st gear ratio that most affects input torque capacity. If you look at the specs for the TKO series you will see that those with the 3.27:1 1st gear are rated for 500 lb-ft, yet those with the 2.87 low gear are rated for 600 lb-ft; the only significant difference being the 1st gear ratio.

The T-56 used to be rated similarly (and very conservatively) at 600 and 650, for the 2.97 and 2.66 1st gears. However since they re-did their website they are all rated for 700 lb-ft.

A 3650 with a 2.87 1st gear (something I would like to have) would likely be rated for 430 lb-ft...
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Thanks for clearing that up.
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