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Default New clutch - knocking noise and does not grab

Hi everyone!

My 5spd has around 155k and the original clutch. It had started to slip. So I purchased an Exedy stage 1 clutch kit that includes pilot and throw out bearing. I also purchased a FRPP clutch cable.

I had a local garage install the parts along with a fly wheel resurface.
Since I have had the car back (less than 50 miles of driving) I have had the following:

1) very noticeable knocking noise while the car is in idle. When I press the clutch pedal to floor, it stops. Let off the clutch pedal, it knocks.

2) the clutch does not grab. The pedal has to come up almost all the way for the clutch to engage. Which makes shifting jerky. Its especially bad when trying to slowly back out of space in a parking lot. Since I am only applying minimal gas pedal, the car shudders from almost stalling out.

3) this has only happened twice, but a whirring noise during driving and idle.

I have taken the car back to the garage and explained. The only thing they did was adjust the clutch cable. The clutch pedal is now sitting closer to the floor, vibrates hard, and still the clutch only grabs near the top of the pedal.

I took the car to another garage for a second opinion. And they say nothing is wrong.

That brings me here for a third opinion. Is this just the way it is? To me the car is difficult to drive since the clutch does not grab well. Reviewers of the Exedy clutch on American muscle say this clutch grabs very well.

Please share your opions, knowledge. Thanx

CLIFS - read numbers 1 and 2
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Sounds like the clutch fork isn't seating on the pivot ball correct, TOB improperly installed somehow, or your flywheel is coming loose, or the clutch install wasn't done correctly. take the dust cover off the shift fork entry and try tapping it forward with a rubber mallet and see if it feels like it seats. Is your pedal real stiff? No it should not be knocking or making the noises described, a little clutch chatter during break in is normal but thats not what your describing, if a shop told u its normal they clearly shouldn't be in buisness.
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Yeah if I did a clutch job and it came back with those complaints the first thing I would be doing is pulling the transmission back out to see what I screwed up.

I would take it back to the shop that did it and have them do it again. Ensure the bellhousing bolts are tight as well. Some guys use a long extension for all the bolts and they don't get tightened properly.
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