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Gluck Hunter 07-25-2013 06:07 PM

Is it possible to use a 98 GT alternator on a 99 GT
Is it possible to install a 98 GT alternator on a 99 GT? All the heavy duty high heat resistant/high output alternators are made for 98 and earlier Mustangs or 05 and up. All the 99-04 "high" output alternators are pretty much the same using the same materials as the OEM one and aren't that much stronger. My engine creates a lot of heat especially in the TX heat (sometimes 110+ degrees) and these so-called 99-04 PA performance alternators are pretty garbage under a full load of 3000 watts worth of music, lights, and a/c. We all know alternators suck in the heat but I see some really high speed made ones for about 600 bucks that claim to output 250-300 amps and resist high temps. Unfortunately they're made for every Ford vehicle but the 99-04 mustang...

Z28KLR 07-26-2013 01:28 PM

Dunno... One of my tactics that usually gives good indication is to look up the part somewhere and compare part numbers between the two different vehicles. If the part number is the same between the two, then you should be ok to do it. If the same part carries different part numbers then they likely will not interchange.

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