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goalieart 10-08-2013 11:26 AM

Shifter suck in Reverse
I am in need of some help. My car drives fine but currently it will only go in reverse.

The other day tried to make a U turn on a narrow street, street was too narrow, so before i touched the curb, I stopped, put the car in reverse to line up with the street, then went to go into first gear to get going where i needed...problem is that the shifter would not come out of reverse.

I was not in a hurry, I didn't force it into reverse, I didn't hear or feel anything is just stuck.

The clutch is fine I can feel the clutch allowing it to come out, but something is holding it in reverse in the transmission.

Any ideas as to what it is or how i can fix this with out spending a small fortune?

edwin108 10-08-2013 12:21 PM

Is it still stuck in reverse with the engine off?

goalieart 10-08-2013 12:34 PM

Yeah....engine on or engine off...doesn't matter. I press the clutch in and try to get it out of reverse and it will not come out at all

AzPete 10-08-2013 04:14 PM

Sounds to me like a shifter issue. Does it drive ok in reverse....nothing feels wrong there¿

BMWiduch 10-08-2013 08:52 PM

check your bearings and gears most likely one has stripped. If not, check your transmission connecting to the engine (pressure plate, make sure your clutch plate is fully intact)

cjhstang 11-19-2013 06:41 PM

Has this been resolved? Mine just did this when i parked at work...

Thatsweetstang 11-19-2013 08:33 PM

Wow never even that could happen, you'd think with the car off it would come out. If it was me I would assume something broke or slipped just a little to get something stuck and I would force the stick out. Just because our trans are cheap and luckily you can get another fairly cheap if you break it. But that's would I would do to my own car. I'm just gonna sit back and see what other people have to say to fix this problem

goalieart 11-19-2013 11:46 PM

My buddy is a Ford tech, he says I most likely need a new tranny. Looking into it more. Can't afford a new tranny right now. Thank god I have a sport trac as well

cjhstang 11-20-2013 12:38 AM

Got ya... I got lucky and was parked against a rock behind my tires. Was able to reverse and bounce off the rock and as I was moving forward played with the shifter and clutch. Finally got it out of reverse that way without breaking anything. Put it in reverse a few times afterwards and no problems... Weird...

Prpfire3 12-07-2013 10:14 PM

Sorry to tell ya it needs rebuilt my was doing the same i figured out that if i was to let out on clutch kinda quick and held pressure on shifter it would come out or hold pressure on shifter and go in rev and tap the gas it would come out but i just got myn outta trans shop yesterday for this reason of urs

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