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Ineedmorespeed 10-10-2013 04:51 PM

timing help....
I have a 01 mustang gt 4.6 that I bought to resell. I had a lil bit of noise from the timing. I took It apart and found the guides were tore up. Trying to do a cheap quick fix I replaced them, everything looked good so I put it all back together. Still had a noise, tore it apart again notice a lil slack in the chain. I read that the tensioners are common to go bad on these motors. I bought new tensioners a and put them in, I spun the motor around a few times and there's still slack in the chain but it jumps from side to side as the motor turns. Just before I replace more then I need to or run into another problem I want to make sure what the problem is. Bad tensioners? Stretched chain? Or something else I'm not seeing. Thanks in advance for all comments and advice..

Stevo86 10-11-2013 10:35 AM

The tensioners are jumping because they have no oil pressure. I give the cam bolt a slight turn counter-clockwise once the chain is on to pre-load it. As soon as the engine fires up the tensioner will fill with oil and it should be fine so long as you did everything properly.

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