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Dragonus18 07-13-2014 10:03 AM

Cylinder heads education
I about to grab a set of Trick flow twisted wedge 44cc heads. My tuner says with a port and polish job that those are the best heads for our engines that money can buy. I'm sure everyone has their preferences but my decision is to buy these heads shortly. I don't know a ton about cylinder heads but I've been trying to understand them and how they work so I can learn to appreciate a good set of heads when I see them and feel confident once the heads are installed. I'm using this pic to learn just the basics about heads.

Even though these aren't our heads they show the parts on the inside which helps. At the top I'm assuming those are camshafts? What are those little rods that they're sitting on top of? The springs I'd imagine just shoot what I think is the "rod" back down so in a supercharged application since it's making more power and I'd imagine shooting the "rods" up with more force a higher spring rate like a 125lb would be helpful? Am I on the right track to understanding heads?

Not everyone gets to get a degree in mechanics but I just want to be the guy who understands and appreciates what my mechanic/tuner does for me. As always I appreciate the help you guys provide here on the forums. Thanks in advance!

school boy 07-13-2014 12:06 PM

Dragonus18 07-13-2014 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by school boy (Post 8408495)

This guy puts me to sleep. I'd listen to him right before bed.

Dragonus18 07-18-2014 10:12 AM


hawks05 07-23-2014 11:14 AM

Cant go wrong with the Trick Flow heads.

Im running the 38cc heads w/125lbs springs and CMS Stage 2.5 cams.

The Trick Flow heads are the way to go.

Tipsy Bojangles 07-23-2014 06:59 PM

Don't believe it posted my first try. That picture is cool, but a lot changes between single and dual overhead cam. If you just wanted educational info, these two pictures should help you visualize the motions under those valve covers a little better. Pictures are a BMW and a Honda, but the same principles as ford's 2 valve are in place. Cam moves an arm that moves the valve, valve springs keep everything in contact and working properly

Nightfire 07-24-2014 07:46 PM

TFS heads ARE the best heads on the market. Companies like Patriot, Foxlake, etc. use Ford PI head cores and work them over for their Stage 1, 2, and 3 heads. Trick Flow doesn't use a Ford core, they actually designed a machined their own head. Even without any porting, these flow better than a lot of the Stage 1 and 2 guys from those other companies. Now, go and work over the TFS heads and you've got some serious heads.

BTW, never polish your intake side.....but Im sure your tuner knows that

Dragonus18 07-24-2014 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by hawks05 (Post 8411268)
Cant go wrong with the Trick Flow heads.

Im running the 38cc heads w/125lbs springs and CMS Stage 2.5 cams.

The Trick Flow heads are the way to go.

After you installed them, what changed driving experience-wise in regards other than power? How did the drive-ability change?

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