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KYFordnut90 08-01-2014 10:58 PM

99 pi motor help!!!!
Alright I bought I 99 pi motor for 300 bucks. ( stock block cracked in my 96 gt) but it cam out of a 99 gt with the rear smashed 106k on it, it was pulled and set in a garage for a couple months. well the guy ended up pulling the front cover off and using some of the timing stuff for another motor. I have changed some timing chains and tensioners and guides and stuff on 4.6 before, I know to set motor at #1 TDC and to mark the links on the chains and cam gears and crank gears and etc. BUT the chains are hanging no tensioners no crank gears it just looks like a mess he didn't mark anything. so I really aint sure how I would even go about timing the motor. I don't know how much the cams have moved or anything im gonna buy a timing kit and gasket kit and go through the motor but I haven been able to find any help. every thread I find just tells me how to take off the old mark it and install new. so any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks Steven
96 gt black 5 speed
96 gt red auto

dawson1112 08-02-2014 05:06 AM

If I am not mistaken , the cam sprockets will have a dot on the outer area towards the teeth. That dot should be placed 90 degrees from the top of the head.
Here is a pretty good Idea of how it needs to be set up, this is from a 4.6l crown vic but Im sure the timing is done the same way on all sohc modular moters.

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