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Gospdrcr 08-08-2014 02:24 PM

Frankenstein 1999-2004 Mustang Cobra

There is a ton of stuff i dont know about this car like the face i just bought if for my wife. It is a 2002 mustang gt but it has what looks like a 1999 4.6L svt cobra motor or a newer 5.4L cobra mustang in it. i havnt had the time to take it completly apart since i bought it and actually know whats in it. looking at pictures of the 1999 4.6L svt cobra motor makes me thing thats what i have in it, but still dont know for sure what it is exactly... i wont be able to pull the motor out of it for a while to come i am hopfully getting out of the army in a couple months, so i will have the time a resources to be able to do it and learn the car me.

as of now the car has overheated on me twice sence i have owned it and with in 3 days of both times, eventually it will cool off i will put more fluid in it then it wont happen for awhile, when it over heats the coolant comes out the cap of the over flow for the radiator. my first thought was that it is the thermostat that is causing the overheating problem that i am having. other than that i havnt had any real problems with the car there is still so much that im going to need to do but right now i need to fix the overheating problem before other problems accur from it.

like i said i basically know nothing about the car since i have just bought it but i an reallying hoping to get some help on what could be causing this, as time will go on and once i start to figure more out about this car i will be updating it to yall so i can get help later on down the road in building one of our two cars up.

BraMas 08-08-2014 09:44 PM

Post a picture of your engine bay and we will tell you exactly what engine you have. Than we can help you

dawson1112 08-09-2014 02:20 AM

I don't think the thermostat is your issue. If the thermostat was bad , it would get hot every time you drove it.

Since it takes some time for it to show it self after you fill the system, its most likely loosing coolant slowly over time, either its dripping someplace you have not noticed or its loosing it in the form of steam. The coolant reservoir cap may be bad, and not holding proper pressure, so the coolant will boil at a lower temp than normal causing it to evacuate in the form of steam. I would start by replacing the cap, and looking for any hidden leaks in the system, paying close attention to the rear of the intake, and front of the intake where the thermostat housing is. Also check the oil for the the presence of coolant, and get a test kit to test for the presence of hydrocarbons in the coolant in case you have a slow leaking head gasket.

slseals 08-13-2014 08:49 PM

Where do you live and how hot was it outside. The 97 cobra was notorious for overheating in high heat with ac running. I remember having to roll down the windows and turn the heat on sitting in Dallas traffic. They just didn't do a good job designing the cooling on that car. Don't know if that carried through to the 99 model, but since you're not really sure what engine it has...

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