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Default What's left to do??... It's all been done.

Hi, I just bought a 98 GT, it was a great buy, a steal really. It came with just about everything done to it, besides forged internals, and FI. I'm wondering what kind of HP/TQ and 1/4 times I'm looking at. It's hitting the dyno in a few weeks, but I'd like to get some input from you all. I've got an 03 block, 500. Lift cams, PI heads, long tubes, C&L CAI, 42k coils, 24lb injectors, Ford Racing upper and lower intake, bigger MAF, throttle body spacer. Ford racing throttle body, true duals to flowmasters, SCT tuner/programmer, upgraded suspension and brakes. It has an auto trans with a shift Kit, and it's running on 91. I'm unsure if the gears have been swapped though, so I'm gonna assume they aren't. I just wanna get an idea as to what to expect at the dyno in a few weeks. The car is [email protected]**, but I feel like all the mods aren't working together yet. I think a solid tune will do the trick. So what do you think I'm looking at?
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I would guess in the 280-295rwhp range depending on dyno you are using.
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I'm saying 260 to 275, anyone else?
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'bout treefiddy.
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Originally Posted by fastbackford351
'bout treefiddy.
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is my username.
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I'd also guess 280-295 for dynojet (mustang dynometer less at about 270). Im guessing the car would run a flat 13 second pass maybe dip in the high 12s if the car hooks well. Is your local dragstrip near sea level (elevation )?
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