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4.6L General Discussion This section is for non-tech specific information pertaining to 4.6L (Modular) Mustangs built from 1996 to 2004.

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Default Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

Alright, so I had an idea. All the big boys(people with more than a K&N)around here need to post up their mod lists. I think it would be nice for people to know what the big power cars are running. If someone is trying to decide what kinda throttle body(for example) they wanna run, they could just look and see what code3gt, 2000GT4.6, stang2000... etc.... has. If they are stuck between atypeA CAI and a type BCAI,it would make their choice alot easier if theysaw that 10 people are running type B(withoutasking ina thread). If you see that I have a Type X gears, you could PM me and ask me all about it. What do you guys think? I think it will make things alot easier.

NO REPLIES, JUST MOD LISTS, this will help keep everything short and simple

P.S. Thename of this thread came to me stright from the top. (code3gt) lol.
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

1999 Mustang GT, 5 speed
NEW TUNE>>>>328rwhp/340 rwtq
1/8 mile [email protected]
dyno video


5.1L Livernois forgedstroker KIT($1692)
Balanced and blueprinted
4340 Forged 3.75" stroke crank
Manly H Beams
Probe Forged Pistons(.030 over)10.5 cc dish
Canton Windage Tray($84.92)
Perfect Circle Rings file fitted for nitrous.
Patriot Stage 3 heads($1495)
Comp xe270ah cams($462)
Beehive Springs($160)
PP Intake matched to heads ($539)
BBK shorties
Magnaflow O/R X
GMS mass air
PP 75mm TB
PP Plenum
K&N filter
Steeda U/D pullies(red)
24lb Injectors
SVT Focus pump
SCT Xcal2 ($389)
NX wet($585)
NX FPSS($55)
NX WOT switch
ZEX Window Switch($145)


Pro 5.0 shifter
Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter
Spec Stage 3 clutch kit
Hardened Input Shaft
Moser 31 spline axles
31spline Trac-lok with Carbon Fiber clutches
FRPP 4.10€™s


Innovate LC-1 wideband controller
Innovate XD-16 gauge
03 GT Headlights ($208)
Mach 1 grill delete
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler($93)
Fox body 4cly front springs($40used)
15% tint($140)
Stainless steel bumper inserts($40)
Sexy spoiler move back mod!!!(free!)
Cobra R Cowl Hood
Weld Prostars
15x8 out back with 275/60/15 555r's
15x3.5 in front with 165R15's


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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

I see what your getting at, its a good idea if these people list there mods and the power out put. But as deciding which combination makes more hp or less, I think this book here would better suit those needs.
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

PLEASE keep all posts to your mods ONLY. No comments or posts will be deleted. THANKS
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

2001 Silver Metallic Mustang GT
334rwhp and 347rwtq N/A on a Mustang Dyno
534rwhp and 647rwtq on a 150 shot
Best N2O pass [email protected]

Custom builtTexas Hot Rods283cid longblock
Balanced and blueprinted
2001 Cobra front bumper
Mach1 chin spoiler
2001 Bullitt side scoops
2004 Cobra side skirts
4.6 fender badges
Rear deck spoiler holes filled and decklid repainted
Rear decklid badges shaved and filled
TNT purge
Raptor shift light
3 gauge pillar pod-oil press, water temp and A/F (Autometer Lunar series)
Steering column pod with Autometer Lunar series fuel pressure
Autometer Lunar series gauge cluster
Momo steering wheel
G-Force 5 way harness'
UPR billet headlight ****
UPR billet clothes hangers
Bullitt billet shifter bezel
Custom Texas Hot Rods switch panel
Custom Texas Rods panel with MSD digital window switch
UPRbillet pistol grip shifter handle
MSD coil packs
Aluminum pedal covers
Spec Stage 3 clutch
TKO 500
Powered by VT Engines aluminum valve covers
Meziere electric water pump
Steeda underdrive pulleys
Kooks custom stainless 1 7/8" longtubes
Kooks custom stainless 3" O/R X-pipe
Kooks stainless 3" Race Bullet mufflers
Stage 8 locking header bolts
Canton aluminum radiator reservoir
Canton power steering canister
Ford Racing billet oil cap
Optima red top battery (color matched to exterior of car)
JLT Ram Air
TNT Wet Kit
DualTNT 15# nitrous bottles in trunk with billet bottle pressure gauges
NGK TR6 plugs
SLP 160* t-stat
QA1 tubular k-member
QA1 tubular front control arms
QA1 coil overs with 175lb spring rate
Strange 10 way adj. front struts
Strange 10 way adj. rear shocks
Eaton posi
Maximum Motorsports solid motor mounts
Ford Racing 4.10 gears
Moser forged, induction hardened axles
ARP 3" wheel studs front/rear
Rotor Pros Rotors
Weld RacingMagnum Prowheels (15x3.5 front and 15x10 rear)
MT ET Front Runners 26x4x15
MT ET Drags 28x10.5x15
Aeromotive return style fuel system
Aeromotive fuel rails
Ford Racing 30# injectors
Texas Hot Rods Stage 3 heads
Crower Stage 3 N/A billet cams
Fox Lake Racing P51 intake
BBK 75mm throttle body
Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
SCT X-Cal 2
UPR billet 4 bolt caster/camber plates
99-04 GTsprings in rear
UPR Adj. lower control arms
Solid bushings
UPR Drag Anti-roll bar
Double adj. upper control arms
Manley high lift valve springs
Ferrea valves
Full length sub-frame connectors
Moroso 7qt deep sump oil pan
Cobra high volume oil pump
VT billet oil pump gears
Manley forged H-Beam rods
Probe forged flat top pistons (13.5:1 compression)
Texas Hot RodsPrepped forged cobra crank
SPEC Aluminum flywheel
Maximum Motorsports 6 point roll cage with swing out door bars (color matched to exterior)
Sparco Racing seats
Rear seat delete
TA Performance rear end girdle
Steeda adj. clutch cable
Billet 3hook clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster
ARP head and main studs
50% tail light and 3rd brake light tint
Southern Outlaw aluminum race wing
SLP line lock
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

I guess I could go.
2001 GT
stock 04 motor
75mm accufab throttle body
c&l plenum
MAC non-ceramic long tube headers
MAC prochamber
MAC catback
Motive 4.10 gears
Vortech V2-SQ supercharger
Custom SCT tuned by Tim at Modular Powerhouse
svt focus fuel pump
42# injectors
90mm maf
nitto nt 555's in front
bfg 315 drag radials in back
10.5 anthracite deep dish rims in back
Autometer nv series air/fuel gauge
Automer nv series boost/vac 20/30 gauge
Autometer nv series fuel pressure gauge
UPR white face el glow gauges
Raptor shift light
upr shift ****
steeda U/L control arms
mgw short throw shifter
bullitt gas, break, and clutch pedals.
20% tint

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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

Right now=
MAC Catback
Steeda tri-ax SS
Ford racing products shift ****
Defender ZR low profile tires
Reverse glow gauges

After christmas=
Mach1 chin spoiler
Mach1 grill delete
Gt hood stripes

I am just a minor leageur But I think my mod list is impressive considering I have only owned it a few months and am a poor college student.
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

2002 Ford Mustang GT Automatic

Ford Racing 4.10 Gears
Accufab 75mm Throttle body
Accufab Plenum
MAC strait shot CAI (piece of crap, swapping for a JLT asap!)
SLP catted modular X pipe (can be used with LT's)
Borla Stinger catback
Diablosport preadtor tuner (defective, and diablosport has the worlds WORST customer service!)
H&R sport springs (VERY low, wouldnt reccomend it)
Steeda 4 bolt CC plates
Mickey Thompson 275/45 ET street DR's

Dynoed at P&J speed shop, N. Tonawanda NY - 249 RWHP & 293 ft lbs tq
Best 1/4th [email protected] on stock street tires. 7/7/06New York International Raceway, Leicester NY

** in the mail
VT Stage 1 cams (thanks to Code and 20004.6GT for help with the decision on cams!)
SLP LT headers

april 07' 2800 Stall converter and tranny cooler
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

Saleen Urethane front bumper
Mach 1 grill delete
viynl tint for tailights
black viynl between tail lights
20% tints all around
Recaro SPG XL racing shell
Custom welded seat bracket
MGW short shifter
AUX port for iPOD attached to factory wiring harness
G-tech Pro RR
Eibach Pro springs
Fox body rear springs
C&L true flow CAI with 85 MAF
Power Products 75mm TB (not my choice)
C&L upper intake plenum
Comp Cams XE262AH (stage 1) cams
Comp Cams valve springs
NGK T-55 spark plugs
Spec stage 1 clutch and pressure plate
BBK Ceramic coated LT headers
BBK catted x-pipe
Flowmasters 40-series cat back
FRPP 4.10 gears
FRPP shim and bearing kit
Royal purple max gear in rear end
Royal purple synhcromax
Royal purple 5w 20
SCT excalibrator2
95 Cobra R replicas gunmetal 17x9 and 17x10.5
Gooodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 275/40R17 and 315/35/R17
Had granatelli upper and lower control arms lol...

275rwhp @ 5500rpm
292rwtq @ 4050rpm
Best ET... 13.52 @ 103.4mph
On street tires mentioned above... 60' foot 2.0
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Default RE: Bad Boys of the 4.6 Section

2004 Mustang GT 5-spd (Dark Shadow Grey) note: don't pay attn to screen name)

Procharger P1-SC (polished) 8psi
2 core intercooler
75mm Professional Products throttle body (polished)
Professional Products upper plenum (polished)
Anderson Ford Motorsport powerpipe
SCT X-calibrator 2 handheld
90mm SCT mass airflow sensor
60# Seimens/ Deka fuel injectors
NGK TR6 sparkplugs
SVT Focus fuel pump
B&M Ripper Shifter w/ billet 4.6L engraved shift ****
B&M blackout boost gauge
B&M blackout fuel pressure gauge
Autometer dual pod pillar (for gauges)
Stock 3.27:1 gears (4.10's in the next month)
Stock clutch and fly wheel (Spec stage 2/ flywheel when gears come)
5% over top of 35% tint = 1% window tint

No numbers or times as of yet. Supercharger and supporting mods have been shipped and are making my garage floor look fast. Will post all the goodies when I get them .
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