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Default How to Make Mustang into a Drift Machine

In the future I plan on purchasing a 99-04 mustang. I love drifting and autocross and such, but do not know much about moddifing cars. So I was wondering, what would be the best way to tune my stang for drifting? Also, Im on a 15k budget here, I figured id drop around 8-10k on the car and leave 5-7k for mods. I also need to use this car as a daily driver so im not trying to kill the gas mileage.
Does anyone use their mustang for drifting or autocross on these forums?
The V8 model would probably be the best choice in terms of performance, but would it be possible to use a V6 to be more cost and fuel efficient? or is that just a bad idea?
Would it be better to just go with a 2005+ model?
Any info or suggestions will be appreciated
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step 1. BUY CAR
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Ive answered numerous questions on this topic.

Mustangs are not IDEAL..but can be built to drift. Just look at Vaughn Gittin Jrs car.

I have a few questions for you

have you drifted on the track before in any car what so ever? Do u know the basics of car building? Much like any other motor sports drifting takes practice, time and money. Ive been drifting on the track for 4 years now. I can help you get on your way. PM me if ya want

the V8 model would be ideal. However, mustangs have a massive amount of understeer. So first off, suspension mods. Brakes. Weight reduction. THEN, lower gears for the first three gears if you really wanna get serious. More power is then next

I DO NOT recommend learning the physics and basics of drifting in a mustang. I recommend a nissan 240sx or Toyota Corrolla.(1984-1989). IF you are dead serious about wanting to pursue the motorsport of drifting, then we can talk about more expansive mods
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well first... i will say do u want auto cross or drift they are two very different roads to take. just as auto cross and drag are all setups need something different. Esp. for autox and drifting. but since u specifically said drifting... i copied this from Jazzers suspension guide. (i did not contribute to it at all) and here is the link to it.
Rear Stiffness - Your Rear stiffness works exactly like the front does. The stiffer it is the more the rear end will slide when upset by poor road conditions. When matched to the front, it will handle better, but when out of balance, you will have a hell of a time in corners. If you ever watch drift cars, you will notice the front end seems to be almost soft, it seems to glide a little more, absorbs the bumps. This gives them superior traction over the rear (see oversteer). The rear end, is SUPER STIFF as it is tied down as tight as they can be. This makes the car have excellent front end traction and a rear end that feels like its constantly on ice. There is no play for the suspension to absorb the bumps and shifts of the road the rear wheels receive every bit of the energy. It's like taking the clutch out of the transmission, but for your tires. They are either not going, or they are going 2000 RPM. Essentially, getting a drift car to peel out takes as much effort as it does to turn your car on. Overall stiffness is the most important aspect of your car once you have gotten the power and suspension bugs figured out. When your front and rear are equally stiff, or at least set up to work together, your car will be a whole new machine. But... if done incorrectly, you will think your car will be worthless if not dangerous.
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ya you should really focus on one thing, either drifting or cone dodging. For 15k you have a budget to build a drifting car but not a mustang imo.
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drift car & daily driver = oxymoron
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Autocross and drifting are completely different.
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Not trying to steer u away from a mustang... but why do u waanna get a mustang if u are gonna be doing drifting and stuff? Isnt that what those POS foriegn cars are for?...
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Just build a nice, fun DD/ Street car. It doesn't sound like you are trying to get into this really seriously if you're going to dd the car. Build a fun street car, and run street tires. You'll be able to pitch it sideways, I promise.

Side note... When people get into this, do they put C Clip eliminators in the rearend, or is it not really necessary?
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Yea what everyone else has said, the stress Drifting puts on a car would make things break alot..which isnt what you want for a DD.

Wynn i dont think ive ever seen you post over here before
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