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01GT4.6 01-27-2010 06:22 PM

2010 4.6 Timeslip Thread
1/8 mile Forced Induction/Nitrous
1/4 mile Forced Induction/Nitrous
1/8 mile Naturally Aspired
1/4 mile Naturally Aspired
Best 60ft

Now here are the rules... any mustang from 96-04. This includes 2v's & 4v's. Can be any 4.6 based motor. You have to have 100 posts to be eligible and be an active member. You can be on the N/A list and N20 list, just have the bottle off on the N/A run. Only timeslips from 2010 are eligible, nothing from 2009 and older are allowed. Everything else is wide open. If you want your times added you must list them in here. I've been around long enough to know what these cars and many of the drivers here run. A copy of your slips are encouraged, if your times seem suspicious I will call you out and require proof. Your times will be removed until proof is given.

Here is how I want to see you format your timeslip post when you submit it. If you do not include everything that I'm listing,I will not add your timeslip to the thread. This isn't very difficult and it helps make it easier for me. If you don't have your 1/8 mile et and mph but have your 1/4 mile et and mph, that's ok and vice versa. Good luck to everyone!

Car model
2V or 4V
NA or FI or N2O (how much boost or HP shot)
1/8 mile et
1/8 mile mph
1/4 mile et
1/4 mile mph
1/8 Mile Forced Induction/Nitrous Injection
1 mustangman36578------------------------------------------7.13 @ 97.04mph (4v Eaton)
2 JayC-----------------------------------------------------7.21 @ 96.21mph (2V 150 shot)
3 mustang430------------------------------------------------7.395 @ 95.88mph (2V Turbo)
4 tim2002gt-------------------------------------------------7.50 @ 92.08mph (2v 125 shot)
5 1fast 99gt-------------------------------------------------7.60 @ 95mph (?)
6 99 GT vert-------------------------------------------------7.661 @ 97.73 (4v KB 2.8)
7 mustangman03----------------------------------------------7.762 @91.71mph (03 Cobra)
8 dennis [email protected]h (2V Procharged 8psi)
9 [email protected]4.97mph (2V Vortech)

1/4 Mile Forced Induction/Nitrous Injection
1 mustangman36578------------------------------------11.132 @ 123.95mph (4v Eaton)
2 JayC-------------------------------------------------11.32 @ 123.66mph (2v 150shot)
3 mustang430------------------------------------------11.49 @ 120.07mph (2V turbo)
4 99 GT vert-------------------------------------------11.711 @ 123.15 (4v KB 2.8)
5 tim2002gt--------------------------------------------11.73 @ 115.97mph (2v 125 shot)
6 1fast 99gt--------------------------------------------11.75 @ 116mph (?)
7 dennis [email protected] (2V Procharger 8psi)
8 [email protected]59mph (2V Vortech)

1/8 Mile Naturally Aspired
1 tbirdscwd-------------------------------------------------8.236 @ 85.84mph(2V)
2 boduke0220---------------------------------------------8.373 @ 84.6mph (4V)
3 ddmsgtr1------------------------------------------------8.352 @ 81.54 (2V)
4 My1stGT---------------------------------------------------8.356 @ 81.08mph (2V)
5 StriderTactical-------------------------------------------8.471 @ 80.73mph (2V)
6 stangalator----------------------------------------------8.711 @ 82.12mph (2V)
7 Jay-rod427----------------------------------------------8.878 @ 78.98mph (2V)
8 WhiteFoxGT-----------------------------------------------8.904 @ 82.08mph (4V)
9 WannaBeGearHead---------------------------------------8.945 @ 79.32mph (2V)
10 Drag5.0mustang-----------------------------------------9.077 @ 80.81mph (2V)

1/4 Mile Naturally Aspired
1 tbirdscwd------------------------------------------------12.882 @ 109.45mph (2V)
2 ddmsgtr1-------------------------------------------------13.146 @ 103.17mph (2V)
3 My1stGT-------------------------------------------------13.192 @ 101.45mph (2V)
4 stangalator-----------------------------------------------13.410 @ 104.76mph (2V)
5 WhiteFoxGT---------------------------------------------13.654 @ 104.11mph (4V)
6 Jay-rod427-----------------------------------------------13.833 @ 100.11mph (2V)
7 Drag5.0mustang------------------------------------------13.906 @ 99.75mph (2V)

Best 60 ft Time
1 JayC----------------------------------------------------1.48
2 mustangman36578------------------------------------1.53
3 tim2002gt-----------------------------------------------1.67
4 mustang430------------------------------------------1.68
5 1fast 99gt--------------------------------------------1.74
6 tbirdscwd------------------------------------------------1.741
7 StriderTactical-------------------------------------------1.757
8 ddmsgtr1------------------------------------------------1.768
9 My1stGT-------------------------------------------------1.775
10 boduke0220-----------------------------------------------1.84
11 mustangman03---------------------------------------------1.846
12 dennis 112-----------------------------------------------1.881
13 99 GT vert----------------------------------------------1.915
14 Jay-rod427-----------------------------------------------1.92
15 boduke0220----------------------------------------------1.967
16 mustang51js---------------------------------------------1.985
17 stangalator----------------------------------------------2.043
18 WannaBeGearHead---------------------------------------2.075
19 WhiteFoxGT---------------------------------------------2.171
20 Drag5.0mustang------------------------------------------2.232

StriderTacticaL 02-07-2010 09:11 PM

2004 Mustang GT
60': 1.768
1/8 ET: 8.513
1/8 MPH: 80.65

StriderTacticaL 02-19-2010 02:05 AM


Originally Posted by StriderTacticaL (Post 6801542)
2004 Mustang GT
60': 1.768
1/8 ET: 8.513
1/8 MPH: 80.65

NEW BEST (although not much better):

60': 1.757
1/8 ET: 8.471
1/8 MPH: 80.73

Only got one run in today...

ddmsgtr1 03-09-2010 09:42 PM

'02 GT
60' - 1.861
1/8 - 8.516
1/4 - 13.322

First night on the new suspension and M/T's, still a bit of learning and maybe a better track. on a seperate note, the car trapped 103.17 on a 13.418 pass, so between that and getting the 60' down another tenth, I think there's plenty left in it the way it sits. The sway bar's coming off before the next trip.

tbirdscwd 03-14-2010 12:38 AM

Went back to the track today after a bit of tuning. Cut 4 tenths off my times from last week with the same 60ft. Now that my tune is dialed in, it's time for me to improve my skills!!! Gotta get that 60 down!

2004 Mustang GT
N/A 2V
60ft: 1.893
1/8 mile: 8.894
1/8 mile: 77.996 mph
1/4 mile: 13.940
1/4 mile: 100.472 mph

tbirdscwd 03-27-2010 06:20 PM

Alright...went to the track today and was a little disappointed. There were 2 crashes which meant a lot of waiting around. I didn't get one solid run in. I did swap to a 75mm TB and plenum, and an electric water pump and I did beat my last time by 1/10 in the quarter, but it was my first run and didn't even do a burnout or launch all that hard. I know that I had a couple tenths left in there somewhere. I went back to the line two more times, but I missed a shift one time and spun the hell out of it the third run.......Worst $50 I ever spent. I wouldn't be so irritated if I didn't work on the car like three times this week gearing up for today. Here's the new slip

Best 60ft of the day was 1.863

2004 Mustang GT
N/A 2V
60ft: 1.900
1/8 mile: 8.815
1/8 mile: 79.037 mph
1/4 mile: 13.868
1/4 mile: 100.069 mph

mustang51js 03-28-2010 05:26 PM

March 19th 2010
street tires, spinning in first and second, i will post up new times when i get my DR's
mods in sig

1st run 2.256-60ft- 1/[email protected] - 1/4=13.804 @109.23mph
2nd run 2.168-60ft- 1/[email protected] 1/[email protected] mph
3rd run 2.143-60ft- 1/[email protected] 1/[email protected] 105.58mph
4th run 2.339-60ft- 1/[email protected] 1/[email protected]
5th run 2.241-60ft- 1/[email protected] 1/[email protected] mph
6th run 2.523-60ft- 1/8=9.[email protected] 1/[email protected]
7th run 2.390-60ft- 1/[email protected] 1/[email protected]

stangalator 03-28-2010 08:13 PM

Just got back tonight and I killed my old times from last year!

Got in about 15 runs and I had my best on the 3rd time out, only because they didn't mop or clean up the track at all... and then at the end of the night i was running like 3 second 0-60 time because the track sucked so bad.


0-60 -->2.271
1/8 mph--->82.06
1/4 mph-->104.76

Had a bunch of other runs at 104.25-104.5
I need to practice hooking better because my trap times are getting really quick.

tbirdscwd 04-10-2010 08:12 PM

FINALLY!!!! After swapping my clogged cats out for a bassani catted mid-pipe, I am happy with my results. I had to laugh at the 04 cobra in the other lane that trapped 128mph but only ran 1/10 faster than me LOL. And he was on MT DRs as well.

2004 Mustang GT
N/A 2V
60ft: 1.799
1/8 mile: 8.447
1/8 mile: 83.228 mph
1/4 mile: 13.194
1/4 mile: 107.330 mph

StriderTacticaL 04-10-2010 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by tbirdscwd (Post 6936094)
FINALLY!!!! After swapping my clogged cats out for a bassani catted mid-pipe, I am happy with my results. I had to laugh at the 04 cobra in the other lane that trapped 128mph but only ran 1/10 faster than me LOL. And he was on MT DRs as well.

2004 Mustang GT
N/A 2V
60ft: 1.799
1/8 mile: 8.447
1/8 mile: 83.228 mph
1/4 mile: 13.194
1/4 mile: 107.330 mph

Damn you!!! I won't have to chance to fight for 1st place for a while now since I sold my prostars and won't be seeing the track again anytime soon :(

Speaking of which......why do I seem to be trapping so much lower compared to everyone else running similar times?

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