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Default Cold air intakes..

So I just got my 03 GT and wanted to put a cold air intake on it but.... everyone seems to have different advice as for which one to do... what are the main differences between all of them and what should I be looking for? I ideally want a meaner sounding GT with more HP and I don't have any brand loyalty for after market parts since this is my first GT... Any help would be great :P

Thanks in advance,

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if you want advice dont buy an intake, just get a drop in K&N filter. like you said you want a meaner sounding car get a midpipe and a catback. go on youtube and watch some clips

edit: let me explain a little more a cai doesnt do much for our cars because our cars already have a "cold air intake" theres only a few degree difference between a cai and the stock intake. the restrictive part is the filter so you can replace that. the main reason people get cai's is for the looks. i personally wouldnt buy one. i would start with exhaust because you can actually hear your car

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Plus I would think that the thicker rubber stock pipe would be a better thermal barrier than the thin metal cai. If you really wanted to go further for cooler air then insualte the pipe and put a heat shield next to the filter housing. I took the rubber boot that goes into the fender well off for additional flow. On my ranger I actually cut most of the original airbox off leaving just the top and enough on the bottom from a good seal on the filter and the mount. Total cost, free!
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Whatever you do, make sure you get the coldest air possible if you want the most power possible.
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Also keep in mind if you plan to supercharge this in the future...procharger for example takes the place of this. The intercooler tubing runs through it and an air filter off the charger is jamed into it too. So youd be tossing it in a box later on...waste of 2/300. Just another variable
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As others have said, the stock intake assembly (which is a CAI) is as good as any, and much better than many, aftermarket intake.

Best step one bang for the buck is to open up the exhaust, 2-1/2" from the manifolds back.

Then get rid of the stock tune which is absurdly conservative. Even a "87 octane" custom tune will make a noticeable improvement over the crappy stock tune.
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Yeah I too fell for the cold air intake trick not once but twice. Looks good when you open the hood , but no different feel after you put it on. Like MCXQUBED said headers -off road x pipe or h pipe and mufflers is the way to go.
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I agree with everyone else (aftermarket CAI a waste). Invest in some gears, nice catback and maybe a nice STS (MGW all the way).. Congrats on the ride my man!
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If you want the whole package with great gains and sound, I recommend checking out the Steeda Power Pak Stage 3.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts?

Steeda is an ISO 9001-2008 company that makes all of their parts right here in the U.S.A.



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^^for the 05 and above yes but the new edge models no...
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