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Default Done, for a while anyway...

Well I ran into a deal I could not refuse and traded in the Mustang (and some cash) for a almost like new 1998 Mercedes SL500 with only 30k miles. It has a new top, frame and all, and upgraded hydraulics (the seals fail with time)--here are some photos:

One previous owner from Fort Lauderdale, they drove from there and traded it (and $50,000) at a local high-end dealer for a 2008 SL550, I saw it on the lot and stopped in to "talk turkey", we came to terms and I drove it home.

5.0 L, 32-valve with variable intake timing, 326 HP/347 lb-ft at the crank and a 155 MPH speed limiter; 0-60 in 6.0 seconds. I had it up to 140 today and it definitely had more room to play. It is a slush-box (hangs head in shame) but it's a 5-speed with a very nice shifter. It also will, at WOT and "right out of the box" with no tune, run right up to redline before it shifts.

Not much to customize on it, or performance mods, so I will just drive it--good enough for a geezer like me.

I will continue to lurk about and help as I can...
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SAD! but nice car, good to know youll be around, since i blew my car up, who knows what new questions i may have! up to 140 huh....shame on you, what was your best in the mustang? hoping it was at least 140 haha
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Congrats on your new car Cliffyk! I really hope you enjoy it.
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I knew you wanted a new 5.0, but who knew it would be a Merc.
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Say it ain't so
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Yeah yea yeah Cliffyk! Great ride for an engineer. Sure hope you do remember to stay tuned to the Mustang Forums. I always look forward to your posts.
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but I wish you good luck with the new whip
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is my username.
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Looks nice. Enjoy.
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Very nice man. Glad you're sticking around!
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Congrats Cliffy! Just don't take down the paladin page. LOL I actUally use it.
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