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Default O2 Codes and Steering Wheel Play

If anyone remembers, I've been rebuilding a wrecked 2004 GT. Went for the first test drive today! Overall car runs great, but there's still a few things to straighten out. Mainly the CEL is on and there is play in the steering wheel.

Codes that are coming up are P0060 (HO2S Heater Resistance Bank 2 Sensor 2) and P0153 (O2 Sensor Response Circuit Slow Response Bank 2 Sensor 1). Looking at cliffky's website P0153 can be seen as P0133 possibly caused by a contaminated or failing O2 sensor, exhaust/intake leaks, bad wiring, or MAF sensor. From the data logging (see below) my guess is on bad rear O2 sensor on the driver's side (that's bank 2 right?)
Data Log:
Fuel system 1 status: CL
Fuel system 2 status: ---
Calculated LOAD Value: 29.0%
Engine Coolant Temperature: 215 F
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1: 2.3%
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1: 0.8%
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2: -7.0%
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2: 10.2%
Engine RPM: 760
Vehicle Speed: 0 mph
Ignition Timing Advance for #1 Cylinder: 20.0 degrees
Intake Air Temperature: 98 F
Air Flow Rate from MAF sensor: 0.6 lb/min
Absolute Throttle Position: 20.4%
Oxygen Sensor Output (B1-S1): 0.235V
Short Term Fuel Trim (B1-S1): 3.9%
Oxygen Sensor Output (B1-S2): 0.040V
Short Term Fuel Trim (B1-S2): 99.2%
Oxygen Sensor Output (B2-S1): 0.335V
Short Term Fuel Trim (B2-S1): -7.0%
Oxygen Sensor Output (B2-S2): 0.000V
Short Term Fuel Trim (B2-S2): 99.2%
OBD requirements: OBD2
Fuel Rail Pressure relative to manifold vacuum: 46.1 psi

The zero output from B2-S2 is what makes me think that, along with the Bank 2 fuel trims being out of whack compared to Bank 1. I could be wrong though, which is why I'm seeking your advice before I blindly start throwing parts at it.

Another concern I have is that whoever owned it before me had installed Hooker LT, BBK catted X-pipe, 3.73 gears, and K&N filter. Since today was the first time its been over 5 mph, I found that the speedometer is off, due to the gears I assume. This makes me think it hasn't been tuned for any of the mods. Could LTs combined with what I assume are high flow cats on the midpipe contribute to the CEL (I don't know why it would only affect one bank though...)

FINALLY, while test driving I found there was about 1 inch of play in the steering wheel either way (bit sketchy at 60 mph). My first thought was the rag joint that so many have talked about on here. I don't exactly know where that joint is, but when looking at the steering shaft, it appears the the play is coming from the "slip joint" beneath the rear two cylinders (see attached pictures). Does the whole steering shaft need to be replaced or is there any other way to fix this?

Thank you in advance for your help!

EDIT: Dang, posted in General when I meant to put in Tech, mods could you please move? My sincerest apologies!!
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The P0060 is likely a short in the wiring to the O2 sensor, which is causing your problem.
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Ok I'll make sure to check the wiring very diligently. Do you think the short (or whatever it is--general lack of functionality of the rear O2) could be the cause of both codes? Like no signal is being created from the rear O2 causing the "slow response"?
Sorry, I'm not 100% up on the O2 sensor control circuit.
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