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uberstang1 07-08-2014 04:15 PM

I have returned.
Well boys after a 27 week vacation from the real world Im back and will be actively posting and moderating again. So whats new

UPRSharad 07-08-2014 08:53 PM

What I want to know is, how do you get a 27 week vacation? I need one of those!

WhiteFoxGT 07-09-2014 07:00 AM

uberstang1 07-10-2014 08:18 AM

Lol in reality it was far from a vacation was just being sarcastic, but it was nice meeting ya in Person at carlisle thos year Sharad

crash 07-10-2014 06:06 PM

How's dee shark?

PurpleIcedGT 07-11-2014 09:17 AM

Nothing is really new. Whitefox is back into a Lightning, Sharad still owns the sexiest coyote, Crash still has an insanely slow 2v, I still drive an Altima and am getting married next summer, Kugz is skinny, and #thats #about #it.

WhiteFoxGT 07-11-2014 11:41 AM

Nailed it bruh

uberstang1 07-16-2014 08:52 PM

Lol nice

WhiteFoxGT 07-16-2014 09:31 PM

where is this gt500 keith

uberstang1 07-18-2014 12:53 PM

Backburned it have a 1.5 hour drive obe way now, bought the women a new ford escape and gonna drive the focus ibto the ground till i get a transfer

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