how to et to around 300 hp in a v8 2003 -

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Default how to et to around 300 hp in a v8 2003

i have a v8 4.6 mustang gt and have magnaflow exhaust and a bbk cold air intake. looking for around 300-320 to the wheels what should i get
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full bolt ons, long tubes, cams+springs+retainers, and a good tune on 93 octane and you might break 300 at the wheels.. prepare to spend a lot of money
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That or save up for a supercharger and exceed that target even with low boost.
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I hope you have a healthy tax return coming your way next spring....

Cams + LT's and tune etc as mentioned above should get you damn close to 300rw, give or take a few. You are looking at about $1300 just in parts. If you pay someone else to install then it's gonna hurt. Figure a dyno tune is gonna run $300 to $500.

320? Now we're talking about cylinder heads. There's another $1500 to $2500, depending on which heads you select.

I think that the cams/lt's route is definitely "worth it", but for an N/A engine with a stock bottom end and compression I'm not so sure about heads. Great on high compression builds with increased displacement, and even better if you have turbo or blower. But for what you're proposing you would be doing good to see an additional 15 rwhp, the dollar-to-hp ratio isn't great.

You would IMO do better to spend your money on a power adder. Centri blower setup can be done easily for $3500, if you are patient and shop around for used stuff you could knock that number down to around $2000. Also consider N2O.... Most kits go for around $700. You will usuall want to upgrade a couple things like solenoids, also add a bottle heater and maybe a remote opener. Window switch is nice too. Figure you could get all that done (including tuning) for around $1500. You can do a 100 shot (wet system) without any fuel mods, any more than that (125+ shot) then I would look at upgrading your injectors and fuel pump.
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