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Garrett twin turbo Gt3071R - opinions ?

Old 05-31-2010, 02:35 PM
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Default Garrett twin turbo Gt3071R - opinions ?

I'm looking for a turbo kit, and I don;t have the funds for Helion or HP.
I allready have 60lbs injectors, gt500 fuel pumps, comp cams stage 2 blower + springs + limiters, aluminator SC short block.

So what about the Garrett twin turbo with GT3071R? I'm looking to get 700 rwhp.

It looks like I have to add:

- intercooler (will a 31x11.5x4" be enought for 700 rwhp? )
- intercooler piping (I'm actually quite good of piping fabrication so it woun't be a problem))
- blow off (I think 50mm Tial is ok)
- boost controller (what would you recommand here ?)

Any opinions on the install and kit : known issues, powerband, heat problems, etc ?

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Old 06-02-2010, 02:07 PM
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put this in pipes and boost they have more experience with home made turbo kits (not many mustangs on here run turbos)

also can i ask why the 700hp goal?
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Old 06-02-2010, 07:09 PM
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a single GT30R is good for about 525whp or around 600hp at the crank, so twin GT30R's will be good for well over 700whp, more like 1,000whp. those turbos are over $1,200 each, kinda silly to me to have a "budget" project and have two of the single most expensive things in a turbo kit especially when even 700whp is a relatively easy target to hit with a single turbo. twin turbos also require two wastegates, good ones like Tials aren't cheap either.

if you really want to go turbo I'd stick single turbo. you take out two very expensive pieces (2nd turbo and wastegate) plus you simplify the piping by not having to split and re-join stuff. a single GT35R can get you up to 700whp. better yet Precision has some turbos that spool up like a GT30R but can support 700whp like a GT35R. a lot of the S2000 guys are going that route with nothing but good things to say and pretty impressive results.

in the end even if the turbo kit was the same price I'd still get my Kenne Bell. my blower is good for 700whp even without being a mammoth kit and I'm not sacrificing any down low power or dealing with turbo lag. but everyone wants something different and that's cool.

as far as the intercooler it really depends on the efficiency of the design. a cheap eBay knock off isn't made of the best materials or the best fin design. two cores can be the same dimensions but the one with the better design will blow away the cheap one. if you had lower HP goals it wouldn't matter as much but at the boost levels needed to hit 700whp the intercooling will be very important and a crappy system will get heat soaked quickly. I would get the biggest core that you can possibly fit behind the bumper and get one from Precision, Turbonetics, or Spearco so you know it's a good design. the dimensions you mentioned sounds plenty big and with the right design should work.

wastegate size I'm not sure, ask the guys you get the turbo from since each family of turbos will require a certain size wastegate. I know it's better to error one size too big than one size too small. too small and you'll get boost creep up top since you won't be able to flow enough air through the wastegate to slow the turbo down.

for the boost controller I think the Apexi AVC-R is the best option.

you'll get the best spool up time possible from it since it can be set to wait till the last second to open the wastegate and you can set up all kinds of other options. boost by gear, boost by rpm, different preset boost levels for street or race, spool up speed, lots of stuff. boost by gear I could see being really handy with that much power.
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Old 06-03-2010, 03:41 AM
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Finally I decided on a single turbo setup.

- on3performance turbo kit with Tial 38mm wastegate and 50mm BOV + meter kit
- 67mm Precision 6768 turbo
- turbosmart e-boost street boost controller

my question is if that turbo will get my to 650-700 rwhp and at what level of boost ?
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Old 06-03-2010, 05:48 AM
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why not talk directly with the company who makes the turbo?

they have all sorts of testing and experience with them. they'll be best able to tell you what pairs well with their unit.

as far as RWHP goals, you only really need to know how much PSI + tuning typically makes that 650-700 RWHP. 10-12 PSI gets you almost 500 RWHP with a stock block. A mildly worked block with 15-18 psi would likely get you damn close.

your best bet really is to join a Turbo forum and/or drop this question into the specific turbo area of MF
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Old 06-03-2010, 11:38 AM
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I'll try there too
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I would call Precision and talk to them. they should know what will work best for the power you want. the precision ball bearing 6262 is what the S2000 guys get that only spools a couple hundred rpm later than a GT30R but is good for over 700whp.
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