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The Paranoid One
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Also take in to consideration the Drag radials man.
That makes HUGE difference on times.

Slap some DR's on the new SS and what do you think would happen to the
time slips? If you are a regular track runner you know what an impact drag radials make with times. You must take in to consideration EVERYTHING.

I think even with the DR's on the street you would be eaten.
The so called same times you are talking about are the magazine times that are so unreliable. Go look on the internet at GOOD track runners that are running stock SS'.
You will see their times are quite a bit lower than those times.

You can't compare your time to those times. That is why you are seeing what you are. I know you want to see yourself beating a stock SS on the street with a good driver. Heck.. I'd rejoice at it. But in reality it's really not in the cards with your mods.
Not given fair driver abilities.

Put yourself up against a novice driver and sure you have a chance.
Hell I remember getting EATIN by a Mustang when I had a decent amount of mods vs a stock GT just like mine when I had mine and I was not a good runner.
That's just the way it goes.

If you are going to take the times you say the SS are posting up according to magazines.. I say again.. you would have to take the times the magazine posted that I linked on the GT500. That would put you right at the GT500 in the 1/4.
Do you honestly believe that your car with it's mods is capable of hanging with a GT500 driver for driver being equal? You KNOW it's not.

So you have to use the same logic and come to the same conclusion about the SS and the times the mags are posting.

I love the 05-09 GT's. Don't get me wrong.
I put ALOT of mods and work into mine before trading it in.
I had a lot of fighting inside me to trade it in for the GT500 but it was a deal I just could NOT pass up.

I had CAI, 4.10's, BBK long tube headers, BBK high flow catted x pipe, Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams, Bassani race mufflers, a MGW short throw shifter, Exedy Mach 400 clutch and flywheel, Nitto's, and a custom dyno tune.
Not to mention the eye candy I had on it. It was black with limo tint, flat black racing stripes that had a quarter inch gap that had 1 inch pinstripes following the racing stripes all the way down, widow louvers, black saleen s style wheels, a GT500 chin spoiler that I modded to fit, hood pins, head light splitters, tinted sequential tail lights that I took the time to do myself, a custom plenum engine cover and custom fuel rail covers that were airbrush painted with flames,a BMR strut tower brace, Custom black and red Katzkin leather seats with custom stitching, a Pioneer 3300BT deck with bluetooth, XM and Sirius, SD card slot, DVD player, touch screen, custom backround, and a Nav system.... it was just the flat out MEANEST and SEXIEST mustang within 300 mi. of my area. (not to brag).
My buddy though has a a grabber orange GT that in my opinion is JUST as sexy.
There's just something about is setup with the orange and black that friggin ROCKS.
(You know who you are if you are reading this BTW bro lol!).
Anyways. I adored that car and LOVED the power it made.
I think the 05-09 4.6 is just SPOT ON. I think the new body does not hold a candle to it lol (no offense to others).

I guess my point is that I know where you are coming from.
But at the same time you must take into consideration the things that really just make it so that the hopes of taking a new SS with your mods and equal drivers are just not really that realistic... although I WISH they were.
You have a GREAT car man. NOTHING against it. But you can't let that shut your eyes to the reality of other cars. There are always faster cars out there. You know that. And a stock new SS is just one of those cars that with your current mods really is faster than you are. But man... you CAN get that jewel to beat a new SS.
It will take more mods though if you want to do so with an experienced driver.
The good thing though is there are more NON experienced drivers on the road as far as running compared to ones that really can run behind the wheel. THAT would be your ticket in beating one.

I actually thing that you have a better chance by far beating a six speed new SS rather than an automatic given that fact.
So enjoy your car, be proud of it, but don't push your expectations with your mods beyond what they really should be. Just mod that baby more, then go eat some good drivers with new SS'. !

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I know the OP asked about 5.0 but since this is a 4.6 section, I'll stay in the conversation.
I'm wondering now if I'm doing something wrong because at the drag strip, I've raced that SS (stock) and a G8 GT (CAI & exhaust) and both immediately pull away from me (all of us were on street tires) with their huge HP/TQ advantage.
I got my LCAs and practiced my launch and shifting to keep spin to a minimum but am in low 13's and not close to high 12s.
The only reason it's being debated now is it's almost be like a 4.6 hanging with a 5.0 since the 5.0/SS race is fairly close when both are stock.
I also believe that the OP is prolly telling the truth but I'm thinking it's the drag radials thats making the difference here in making a N/A 4.6 hang with an SS if the other cars had decent drivers?
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The Paranoid One
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Pics of the 06GT. The pics don't do it justice on just how MEAN it looked.
Like I said man I love the 06GT. And I put a LOT of work into mine so I know how you feel..
Just some eye candy for everyone lol.
DAYUM why'd you make me do that? Now I'm missing my old car hahaha!
Id do alot of the same stuff to the GT500 but I want it to stay close to stock looking just for the future and
the Shelby heritage. The stripes go all the way down the bumper. The lighting on the pic just kinda hid them.

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Old 07-13-2011, 12:55 PM   #24
The Paranoid One
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Originally Posted by Ricardo View Post
I also believe that the OP is prolly telling the truth but I'm thinking it's the drag radials thats making the difference here in making a N/A 4.6 hang with an SS if the other cars had decent drivers?
You hit the nail on the head Ricardo.
The drag radials DEFINITELY have a HUGE impact on times.
I cant express how much they help when doing a run.
I ran a GT with less mods than me when I had mine and we were equal drivers. He had a short throw shifter and it was before I had mine. I had street tires and he had drags.
I was PISSED when he kept so friggin close to me.

BTW short throw shifters can also help you cut those times down.
A SERIOUS driver mod. Especially if you are not a fast, good shifter.
Short throw makes it a flick of the wrist saving you time each time you shift and if fugggin adds up I'm telling you.
So for all those wanting a cheap mod to cut your times AND put a fun aspect into it. GET A SHORT THROW SHIFTER.
It was actually a favorite mod of mine along with the cams. I'd say gears too but they are such a common mod that I didn't count them in despite the BIG ummmph difference.

Again given there were equal drivers. I still say in reality the SS would have the win pretty easily.
Even though I HATE having to say that.
But if we are talking him with DR's and the SS completely stock with just an daily joe driver... welp.. we all know
the street brings some wild results. Especially given driver abilities.

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I love the seat covers... Anybody know what kind/where to get?

Thanks in advance

Edit: sorry for the OT.
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The Paranoid One
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Yeah they were my seats lol of course I know.
I ordered them from Katzkins.

Google it and give them a call.
These actually replace the stock leather so the leather in your other seats must be taken off for these to be installed.

Katzin is top of the line. Known world wide.
Give them a call. It's just their regular style for the 05-09 Mustang but you have to ask for colored stitching if you want it as well as if you anything embroided into the leather. They have a full catalog with leather and color samples they will send you for free. They also have different styles of leather.
Before you ask I'll go ahead and tell ya hahaha!
The total cost for mine was 1200. This was for front AND back seats.

May sound expensive but it is a HELL of a deal.
Just stock seat replacements run about 700 A SEAT from Ford.
And the leather is not NEAR the quality as the Katzkins.

You will have to call them and find the nearest vendor that sells them near you.
They do not ship to any homes or anything. (Don't ask me why)
Many Ford dealerships also have a accessory department that will be vendors.
That's how I got mine. Then I had the dealership install them.
They were 100 to get installed.

SCREW getting the stock seats from Ford. The quality does not COMPARE.
I hate saying that but it's true.

These seats also come with a VERY good warranty.
And they STAND by the warranty.

The reason I got these is that my stock leather seats were actually BLEEDING the red dye off the seats when I cleaned them. EVEN when I used nothing but WATER!
Sad to say but Ford denied coverage under warranty to have the replaced even though it CLEARLY was not a wear and tear warranty issue or fault of my own.
(Can you hear me Ford reps? lol)

The Katzkins are SO comfortable and soft too it is unreal they are so durable having such comfort and snugness to them.
Katskinz are truly top of the line and last YEARS and YEARS.
Just ask the other folks on the forum that have had them installed.

I LOVED mine. Only reason I say LOVE-D is because the car was traded in later.
If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message.
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