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Mellowdien 11-11-2013 11:49 AM

100shot Zex nitrouskit, First Test & Setting Recommendations?
Hey Guys,

I recently had my Zex nitrous kit installed. I'm using a 100shot jet and a 93 octane nitrous tune from Brenspeed. As they've recommended i also purchased a kenne bell boost a pump along with a set of Autolite HT1's.

The spark plugs we're at stock gap.
We set the Zex window switch at 2500rpm - 5800rpm.

1st run: We set the pump at 10%, and the car drove horribly. 10% is the minimum i think you can set the boost a pump at. The car ran an 14.6 which about a second or more slower than what it usually runs N/A.

2nd run: We set the pump at 0% so basically just running with the stock system. The car ran way better and turned in an 12.87 @ 177km/h .

I had a 2-3 more runs with that bottle before it was empty or not functioning properly i'm not sure (it was a 10lbs bottle). We put in a 15lbs bottle and i had 1 run with that one. Everything worked fine the first run with the 15lbs. After which the nitrous system failed and didnt work again that evening. The Zex box in the engine compartment was very hot and i expect that some sort of safety valve went off. The bottle temp was okay. We waited for the zex box to cool off. After it did we tried again but it still wouldn't work.

Any input to what might have caused the issue?
What rpm range's would you recommend?
How lean/rich would you adjust the kenne bell?
How many passes should i be able to make off of a 10lbs bottle?

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